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 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

French Elections Rocked by Antisemitism Scandals


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

Shannon Taylor Announces Bid for Virginia Attorney General


 @9PN4BVW from West Virginia answered…31mins31m

no, but a state collage's vote should add a number of individual votes to a candidates count instead of using an alterna…

 @9PMKF45 from New Jersey answered…13hrs13H

Yes, but make access to photo IDs significantly easier to get, accepting more than just a standard driver’s license as I…

 @9PMG5BR from Alabama answered…14hrs14H

Not necessarily. Everybody is different and ages differently. There should be term limits on every individual and every…

 @9PMG5BR from Alabama answered…14hrs14H

I think the age is fine at 18. However, the old law of being required to own land to vote had a good reason behind it. T…

 @9PM6NQM from Texas answered…17hrs17H

NO, Nothing or no one should be able to donate to political parties if they receive ANY amount of money from any governm…