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@5DVLBZWfrom Indiana  answered…2yrs

All current regulations hurt all alternatives to the Democratic and Republican Party candidates. The limits the D/R politicians impose on themselves are routinely violated by them, in fact; but are vigorously enforced against people like me. You really should look into this yourself.

@95VJSZF from Maryland answered…5hrs

No, unless the donation limit is very high. Current donation limits are sufficiently low. There should not be a cap on Super PAC contributions as long as Super PACs do not fund or coordinate directly with campaigns.

@95TGYQY from Arizona answered…1 day

@95SZV39 from Colorado answered…2 days

I believe there's a limit where the amount of money one candidate because they all should be equal.

@95RVC9MProgressive from Oregon answered…2 days

Yes only allow campaign spending from a limited public budget for candidates that accounts for all funds spent

@95RT4GT from Michigan answered…2 days

@95QFRYNWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…3 days

No because some people might need more than others then they would be out of luck,

@95MZ2S5 from Minnesota answered…4 days

Yes, politicians at all levels should have a maximum allowed budget for their campaign and third party advertisements cannot engage in attack operations.

@95L758Wfrom Maine  answered…6 days

Yes and congress should pass a law that outlaws the Citizens United V FEC Decision. Limit all donations to $50,000 and make the TV put the ads on the airwaves for free

@95KSD5P from Louisiana answered…7 days

Yes but I would rather just get rid of government entirely since this would not be an issue if the government didn’t exist

@95FFNWN from Florida answered…2wks

@95F7QLX from Virginia answered…2wks

Yes, the monies however should only come from within the district they serve.

@95DGVGMIndependent from Illinois answered…2wks

No, but candidates outside of president should not be able to receive money from people and organizations outside of their states.

@959P5SB from Washington answered…2wks

I wish we didn't have to do this but in this case we have to because of the way our society is built.

@954SVSR from Florida answered…3wks

no, as long as their is a record of it and record of what it was used for/ used properly

@954Q7F5 from Missouri answered…3wks

No, because these are usually people who are desperate, and really need the money. They could also be saving the life of someone, such as a little kid.

@953JKWB from Ohio answered…3wks

No, there shouldn’t be a limit because the amount of money (and donations) the candidate(s) receive they should give or donate some of them to a charity or foundation of choice and save the rest of the amount in the national bank or split it equally and put them in state banks.

@powertrial from Illinois answered…3wks

No, but I would prefer that large donations become public knowledge

@94Z238WProgressive from Illinois answered…3wks

@94XM8V9from Vermont  answered…3wks

Yes, and abolish money so it is no longer a tool of corruptive greed.

@94RFPB5 from Montana answered…4wks

@94QQ493 from California answered…4wks

No, but there should be a limit on the total amount they can receive for a campaign.

@94HTLQJ from Virginia answered…1mo

Politicians should not be bought by wealthy donors and all donations should be public knowledge.

@94GZMQS from Massachusetts answered…1mo

Yes and ban all political contributions and cap total campaign spend at $1000.

@94CB2TCIndependent from Arizona answered…1mo

No, but donations should only come from people who will be the candidates constituents if they win.

@94BGHFC from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, there should be a donation limit of what an average citizen could realistically reach, donations by corporations should be public knowledge and there should be a government sponsored fund available for smaller political parties

@948B4XH from Alaska answered…1mo

All donations must be listed showing who made the donation,who they work for, and how much.

@947ZSG7 from Kansas answered…1mo

Not from individuals but corporations shouldn't be allowed to donate to political candidates because they're not people

@946KHM3Socialist from Vermont answered…2mos

@9469VH7 from Florida answered…2mos

Maybe. But there needs to be complete transparency with all donations (both to the candidate and PACS).

@945PSSNDemocrat from Oregon answered…2mos

Restrict donations to individuals residing in candidate district and prohibit corporate & PAC donations

@943PN7W from Missouri answered…2mos

political contributions should go into one "pot" to be distributed equally among candidates--or, because there are so many, turn in receipts.

@943HX6J from Washington answered…2mos

All funds raised are split between the people running. Donations can only come from people within the area the candidate is running.


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