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@98KRW8JPeace and Freedom from Colorado commented…3wks


Yes it should, for example, a vote from California is worth 1/4 of a vote from Wyoming as each state gets a guaranteed 3 electoral votes and the rest are given out based on population the problem is the number of votes does not increase with the population and some states such as Wyoming would have no votes if it were not for the guaranteed 3 the problem is that each person in a state such as Wyoming has more power than people in bigger states as bigger states are often short of electoral votes. California is short 14 electoral votes.

@97J4T59  from West Virginia commented…3mos

Understand politics before making decisions that effect everybody

So then smaller states with smaller populations just get no say so correct??? Cause that's the purpose of the electoral!!! All states (which actually means people in politics) are different sizes. Therefore smaller states less population versus bigger states with bigger population. If we went by popular vote because electoral college is gone then these smaller states would not be able to compete with bigger states. For example, lets say California has a population of 1.5 billion half those people (750,000,000) feel democratic while other half (750,000,000) feel republican. But Montana only h…  Read more

@93VKT3J  from Michigan commented…1wk

Yes, and switch to a representative democracy (popular vote) system

One of the main reasons electoral college was made was because 250 years ago there was no way to collect all the votes of the land owner white men that were privileged to vote. So they could send a proxy voter "Elector" to vote for all that couldn't go.

There was zero thought about population density in some states.

@979LZZ6  from Kansas disagreed…2mos


So then smaller states with smaller populations just get no say

No, it just means all people would get an equal say; under the electoral college, people in smaller states are given a larger "say" than people in larger states...which is blatantly anti-democratic. If some people have more of a say than others, then that's not democratic, that's just inflating the beliefs of a minority simply because they're in a minority. Everyone should have the same, equal vote, and if that means a minority belief is unpopular...then that's just how majoritarianism works. Plus, smaller states/towns always have their own local elections anyways, so I don't even understand the issue? If the majority of the country votes for Party A, then that's obviously who should lead nationally, but if your small state/town votes majority Party B, then your state/town should be lead by Party B...

@1andonlymikusGreen from Ohio commented…3mos

It isn't that smaller states don't get a say, it's that the PEOPLE'S say is what matters, not the states'. The whole "bigger states/bigger cities will decide elections" is not true whatsoever. It doesn't even make sense when you read into it. The people in those cities and states are what matters. Changing to a popular vote system (including stuff like ranked voting, what Australia does) will lead to people actually feeling as if their vote matters. If politicians have issues with it, they just need to adopt more popular policies that align with the views of their voter base, ya know, the people who put you in charge and the ones that you're governing. Land shouldn't vote, people should.

@96BBR4D from Utah agreed…4mos


Yes, and elected officials should only be permitted to cast votes based on constituents' votes, forgoing their own personal opinions, being just a vessel/voice for the people they represent. This is a service position, so more humility and willingness to serve is an essential to holding this office.

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Yes, and switch to a ranked voting system

@987RYBW from Missouri agreed…2mos

I would also like multi-member districts as well, aka proportional ranked-choice voting.

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No, the electoral college ensures representation of the whole country instead of just major cities

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No, but reform so that votes are distributed proportionally instead of the current winner take all system

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@8DG2Q8FIndependent from Illinois answered…2yrs

No, but repeal the Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929 and add seats to the House so each House member represents the same number of constituents. Thus making the Electoral College more in line with it's intention

@98XP3X6 from Ohio answered…52mins

The electoral college basically gets the vote so it's like your voting for nothing so yes and no

@98XMZX7 from California answered…1hr

@98XHFHM from Maryland answered…4hrs

Do not really care for if electoral votes should be removed or not.

@98XGH29 from Michigan answered…4hrs

@98X4M6Jfrom Guam  answered…1 day

@933K4DPRepublican from New Jersey answered…2 days

I think that the electoral college should be kept, and we should work to improve it so that there are no loopholes by which candidates can game the system. I also think that we should change how we elect the Electoral College. However, alternatives may be worth investigating.

@98WWFKS from Texas answered…2 days

@98WVBF4 from South Carolina answered…2 days

@98WR824 from Georgia answered…3 days

Electoral College can stay but for issues dealing with morality a popular vote should be implemented

@98WMTGNPeace and Freedom from Mississippi answered…3 days

@98WLKJN from Tennessee answered…3 days

@98WKNLW from Texas answered…3 days

I think that there needs to be a system that forces the electors to vote for what the people vote for.

@98WKM6N from Indiana answered…3 days

I don’t care what happens to the electoral college to be honest.

@98WJSSZ from California answered…3 days

I believe that we should reassess the power that the electoral colleges hold over the people vote.

@98W99VQRepublican from Utah answered…4 days

@98W8ZRZ from Ohio answered…4 days

@98W2GDP from Texas answered…4 days

I don't have a problem with it all though I don't like where the idea came from.

@98W4F6YWomen’s Equality from New Hampshire answered…4 days

no, but make sure that all states have truly equal representation.

@98W22C3 from Kansas answered…4 days

@98VZY5V from Texas answered…4 days

I don´t have a problem with it, even though I don´t like the idea of where it came from.


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