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 @9F9PB9MRepublican from Georgia agreed…1wk1W

people work 40 hours a week just to get less than 500 dollars on their pay check and then they have to pay bills and when they are done with bills they only have less than 50 dollars for themselves

 @9FGZNJW from Massachusetts commented…1 day1D

Then work more than 40 hours: work a part-time job, find a way to earn passive income, if you feel you are being under-paid then apply for a job or position with better pay or ask for a raise. No one is going to just give things to you. This isn't a charity. Just about everyone has worked a minimum wage job at some point in their life, those of us who got sick of it used it as a stepping stone (which it should be viewed as) and those who were complacent decided to stick around, not developed skills, not seek better opportunities. Life is all about decisions, sure there is luck as well, but you make the most of the cards you've been dealt. Read Man's Search for Meaning if you think you have it rough.

 @9F9L7CPIndependent from Texas agreed…1wk1W

A lot of minimum wage jobs such as waiters, cashiers and baggers at stores work long hours to practically get robbed by the government letting these stores pay them such a small wage. It’s a form of modern day slavery that these people get paid barely enough money to even pay rent especially with housing prices being ridiculously high and continue to increase.

 @9F89JBJRepublican from New York agreed…1wk1W

Since prices, like gas and grocery stores are going up in prices. People who are working , minimum wage should be getting payed more so they can afford food, gas and pay their bills.

 @9FBRQZZ from California agreed…1wk1W

Yes the federal minim wage should increase due to all the other little outcomes that come from the ordinary people who be working minimum wage pay cheeks due to just one work position you dont get enough money to survive as an adult due to everything you have to pay everywhere nowadays that people have to work 2-3 more jobs. All that hard work and time you waste for the money that gonna go back right to the bills we owe. People sacrifice a lot for it since its the easiest to get a job and make some money but not to survive a good life to work 1 minimum wage paying job. So them increasing the…  Read more

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 @9F4YKGVSocialist from Indiana disagreed…2wks2W

Raising the federal minimum wage helps to keep businesses ethical in how they treat their workers, and can only increase the well being of the general populace.

 @9F9HFSP from Pennsylvania disagreed…1wk1W

I agree, as the minimum wage is indispensable to make jobs more pleasant, especially for young people who are often exploited, consequently an increase, even a small one, in the minimum wage could eliminate this exploitation and push more young people to work and that the well-being of the population would also increase

 @9F9CGKW from California disagreed…1wk1W

If we increase the minimum wage there are more bad than good. Sure a lot of people would be inclined to work, but the problem is everything will inflate and the cost of everything will double since everything is increasing. The higher the minimum wage, the higher everything will cost.

 @9F9Q7FV from California disagreed…1wk1W

People argue that raising the minimum wage would likely result in wages and salaries increasing across the board, thereby substantially increasing operating expenses for companies that would then increase the prices of products and services to cover their increased labor costs.

 @9F9P8Y9Republican from Utah disagreed…1wk1W

If the minimum wage increases, it will change the economy, making things more expensive and inflation worse.

 @9F7YFTB from Virginia disagreed…1wk1W

Imagine yourself living in a lower-class household. You or your family can't afford for you to go to college so you can't get a higher education than a public High School Diploma. This would mean that most jobs that you would work at minimum wage and because you were born into a poorer lifestyle, you can't even make a livable wage.

 @9F9NZPHfrom Maine disagreed…1wk1W

In this society, money is required. In order to have life, liberty, and pursue happiness, you need to have a steady source of income. Minimum wage helps the average worker greatly.

 @9F9Z9HL from Minnesota disagreed…1wk1W

Minimum wage was designed to be the rate at which a family of four could live and buy a house. Now 18 year olds can’t even survive on it.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12yrs12Y

Yes, and adjust it every year according to inflation

 @9FB87S2  from Texas agreed…1wk1W

A minimum wage allows workers to have the basic right of labor, and adjusting it every year according to inflation could prevent the loss of jobs.

 @9FBKPY7Green from California disagreed…1wk1W

Workers should have basic right of labor, but adujusting the minium wage every year can be very unstable to the workers.

 @CheerfulJ0intResolutionLibertarian from Illinois disagreed…1wk1W

While it's understood that annual adjustments could introduce a degree of unpredictability, it's also important to consider the historical context. For instance, in Australia, wage adjustments are made annually based on inflation and other economic factors. This has not led to instability, but rather it has helped maintain a decent living standard for low-wage workers. Moreover, tying minimum wage to inflation has been an effective tool against poverty in countries like France. What could be a counter-solution to balance the need for a fair wage and the perceived instability annual adjustments might bring?

 @9FDCMG8 from Washington disagreed…4 days4D

increasing minimum wage increases business expenses therefore increasing prices on services and products thus cancelling the increased pay by increasing cost of living

 @9FDHB3H from California disagreed…4 days4D

Minimum wage doesn’t matter if they higher the price on how much people pay you because if they do then they also have to higher the price of all things

 @9FCRN8ZIndependent from Massachusetts disagreed…5 days5D

A minimum wage, especially one adjusted for inflation, can have unintended consequences for small businesses and job growth. When it increases annually with inflation, it may leave employers with higher labor costs, causing smaller business to struggle to stay alive. This can lead to cutting jobs and reducing hours to offset the increased costs, which harms workers job security.

 @9FBCYXX from Ohio agreed…1wk1W

With inflation basic need that you need to survive are almost doubling in price within the past 3 years. Things like food, gas, and healthcare have all reisen and if we don't raise the minimum wage people will not be able to afford it.

  @button_down_royalty_  from Florida commented…10mos10MO

Yes, and adjust it every year according to inflation

This may cause the ¨never ending cycle¨ problem, but it´s better than not being able to pay. We could also routinely bring down the price on everything, just so $100 today isn´t $1 in a year!

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...10yrs10Y

Yes, and make it a living wage

 @9F7RPJ6 from Massachusetts agreed…1wk1W

Making minimum wage a livable wage would mean that no matter what bracket you come from, you can make enough money to get by rather than struggling to live with the bare minimum.

 @9F89XSN from Texas agreed…1wk1W

If minimum wage isn't enough to live off of then the government is basically saying it is okay to be homeless or not survive.

 @9F7YFTB from Virginia agreed…1wk1W

Making the minimum wage a living wage means that no matter what bracket you come from you can survive.

 @9F6W3DJRepublican from Texas disagreed…2wks2W

It will put people out of jobs because some businesses will not be able to afford the minimum wage so they will have to let go of people. This will hurt businesses and people who where trying to make a little money

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...10yrs10Y

No, this will only cause prices to increase in a never ending cycle

 @9FD6Z32 from Virginia disagreed…4 days4D

I think this may be true, but if an 18 year old is living on their own, they may need more money to be able to live off of, like $15 an hour instead of $12.

 @9FDFW6N from Virginia disagreed…4 days4D

Yeah, so find a job that is paying more. There are well-paying jobs available; they just may be not as convenient or flexible, but they're there.

 @C1vilRightsBillSocialist from Washington disagreed…4 days4D

While I see where you're coming from, it's not always as simple as just finding a better-paying job. For example, someone may be working two jobs already just to make ends meet, and they simply don't have the time or energy to find and adjust to a new job - especially if it's less flexible. Plus, in many areas, higher paying jobs require qualifications that some people might not have and can't afford to get. What would be your solution to this problem?

 @EnragedLibertyPeace and Freedom from Indiana disagreed…4 days4D

While it's true that a young adult living on their own may need more income, raising the minimum wage might not be the best solution. Consider a small business struggling to turn a profit. If they're required to pay their employees $15 an hour, they may not be able to afford to hire as many workers, leading to job loss. Or, they might have to raise their prices to cover the increased labor cost, which would affect all of their customers. What do you think about this scenario? Could there be a better way to help young adults afford living expenses without potentially harming small businesses or consumers?

 @9FCJR7N from Michigan disagreed…5 days5D

Have a government brand of goods/services that have a set max price so there is an affordable form of most goods

 @Equ4lityNightingaleLibertarianfrom New York disagreed…5 days5D

While the idea of a government brand with maximum price caps sounds appealing, history has shown us it can lead to potential complications. For instance, the Soviet Union had a centrally planned economy where the government controlled prices. This resulted in chronic shortages of goods, poor quality, and a lack of innovation due to the absence of competition. How would we ensure quality and innovation in a system with government-set prices?

 @9FDHRT8 from New York disagreed…4 days4D

I understand that more money out (wage increase) would require more money back in (price increase) but in states where the cost of living is astronomically high (example NY), its ridiculous that a $15 minimum wage cant afford someone to live any other way than paycheck to paycheck unless youre upstate in the middle of nowhere. I think the solution to this would start out with standardized pricing for housing around the country. Greedy landlords and people trying to make a bunch of “passive income” is screwing the market and forcing people with similar properties to jump the price, and then THAT…  Read more

 @9F8NMHHDemocrat from Massachusetts disagreed…1wk1W

Most price increases in recent years are not going towards employees or operating costs but increasing corporate compensation going from 10 percent to 70 percent over the course of 30 years, if anything prices should be lowered.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...12yrs12Y

No, and eliminate all wage standards

 @9FB87S2  from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

Yes, eliminating all wage standards may let the hard worker get higher pay, and lazy worker get lower pay, but if there are no wage standards, there is a possibility that some people will compete for a job, which made the markets could "legally" make everyone's salary lower.

 @9FC7TVK from Arizona disagreed…6 days6D

People are going to continue to compete for jobs wether there’s a change in pay or not everyone needs money

 @GorillaChloefrom Pennsylvania disagreed…6 days6D

While it's true that everyone needs money and will continue to compete for jobs, it's not as simple as that. Consider the impact on those in low-wage jobs, often working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. If wages remain stagnant while the cost of living continues to rise, these individuals will face even greater financial hardship.

Let's look at the city of Seattle, for example. They gradually increased their minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021. Research conducted by the University of Washington found that workers earned more following the wage increase, and there was no significant…  Read more

 @AnnoyedSocialJusticeDemocrat from Texas disagreed…6 days6D

Oh, Seattle, the golden child of the $15 minimum wage movement. So, everyone's making more money and no one lost their job, right? Well, let's consider a few things. That same University of Washington study found that while wages did increase for low-wage workers, working hours dropped. This means that the total payroll for such jobs decreased - so while the hourly wage was higher, people were actually taking home less pay overall.

And let's not forget, Seattle is a booming city with a thriving tech industry which can arguably absorb higher labor costs better than smaller businesses or…  Read more

 @9FCNVCX from Kansas disagreed…5 days5D

The number of dollars doesn't matter. The value of dollars does. The real minimum wage is $0. So, by getting rid of the minimum wage, we would have the market adjust naturally to the value in which our work is actually valued under the real minimum wage.

 @9CJ6CB6 from Virginia commented…5 days5D

Companies do not have the right to dictate and measure how much the persons worth is, because already it considers “non-essential jobs” to have “nonessential pay”. Take working at McDonald’s for example, it’s not enough to keep someone afloat, but how else do they keep people in that job without them hurting? It’s not nonessential, it’s just worth individually to them, because if it wasn’t essential, it wouldn’t exist.

  @jsimicConstitution  from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

Central Planners can never make an accurate wage standard for the entire nation.
Therefore, we should establish wages at the most localized level as possible.
Setting a minimum wage gives businesses the excuse to pay workers as little as possible.

 @9FBYH5Hfrom Maine disagreed…7 days7D

Supply and demand determines the price of a service. That’s only fair. No one should be forced by the government to pay more than they want to for a given service.

 @9F9X774 from North Carolina disagreed…1wk1W

Minimum wage isn't a livable wage whatsoever. $7.25 isn't enough to pay but one bill each month. Having necessities such as a car, food, and literally everything else.

 @9F8QLMJ from Texas disagreed…1wk1W

If people are making only 7.25 a hour nobody can surivie on that type of income and for people of lower income backgrounds and have harder oprotinuntes to go to collage and get a degree and have to work a minmunm wage job and barly provide for their family and for them selfs


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