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 @96XR5BM from Virginia commented…2yrs2Y

hey guys, what's your opinion on the transgender community?

 @97G7DBJ from Michigan commented…2yrs2Y

I think its stupid as **** and a boy cant magically wake up one day and decide to be a girl. Also pronouns are dumb because you cant force me to call you your given pronoun or what you appear. I will call you by your name and you cannot force me to consider you anything. And the amount of people to de-transition is insane. It's becoming the 'trend' to be transgender in a way.

 @98F3Y6QDemocrat from Ohio commented…1yr1Y

Your second comment is correct but misguided. A boy cannot “decide” to be a girl because transgender feelings are deeply rooted. As for pronouns being dumb, you used twelve in your post. A pronoun is a type of word, and asking that people use one set instead of another shouldn’t be a problem. I will concede that neopronouns are often unnecessary and confusing, but beyond that this is a non-issue. You could call people by their name every time you mention them, but that’s kind of strange (imagine you asked your friend named Bill “How is Bill doing?”). As for…  Read more

 @WhatisaWoman? from Michigan disagreed…12mos12MO

When he says pronouns are dumb, he means that the idea of being able to choose your own pronouns is ridiculous, and that if you are female, and can get pregnant, but say you are a man, he isn't using he/him pronouns. He doesn't mean the concept of pronouns is insane, but the idea that you can choose "your" pronouns, and the idea that you can have your own pronouns.

  @TruthHurts101 from Washington commented…11mos11MO

It's people like you that make this platform so interesting to read. You sure schooled that Dem!

 @IndependentInformantRepublican from Kentucky disagreed…11mos11MO

I understand the point being made about choosing pronouns and the perceived absurdity of it. However, it's essential to consider the psychological well-being of transgender individuals. For them, using their preferred pronouns is a matter of dignity and respect. A study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin found that when transgender youth are referred to by their chosen names and pronouns, their risk of depression and suicide decreases significantly.

A specific example of this is the story of Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teen who committed suicide in 2014. Leelah struggled…  Read more

 @9LFGWG5 from Florida commented…1mo1MO

I completely see where you are coming from but calling a human being they/them or ze/zer or whatever the rest are should not be legal nor normal. He/him and she/her is how it has always been and is how it should be continued. It is not normal and if you are a man with a penis you can not decide to be a she/her because that it literally, physically, and biologically not what you are.

 @9KQB466 from Maryland commented…2mos2MO

Have you actually looked up the number of people who de-transition? People who are trans don't wake up one day and choose this. The brain is a separate organ. The genitalia are separate organs. They can develop different or opposite of each other. Trans people's brains develop opposite of their genitalia. Have you ever heard of intersex people? Someone born with both male and female genitalia. How is it a trend? Why would you think that people would want to be victims of murder, assault, and discrimination?

 @97YPKCY from Texas commented…1yr1Y

I think that adults can do with every they want. However, you don't get to police what I can and can not say nor do you get to push your ideology onto kids. A man is a Adult Human Male. A Woman is a adult Human Female. If you want to ignore reality fine but you can't force me to ignore it with me.

 @9L9BGW7 from Nevada disagreed…2mos2MO

Yet if you met someone on the street and you couldn't tell the difference if they were trans or not, would that even matter to you? Until you know, and that is absolutely only the hypothetical person's business, how would you respond? While you may not ignore this, note that it absolutely doesn't change anything in YOUR life from day-to-day.

 @987J62RRepublican from Florida commented…1yr1Y

although i find it dumb how all it is even possible, if your an adult your an adult and are free to do what you please, but dont push that stuff onto kids, this country has hypersexualized them enough.

 @9DD8SFJIndependent from Kansas commented…9mos9MO

Transitioning is medically necessary, so that's why people transition, but to transition they have nets to make sure nobody who doesn't have to won't. I get where you're coming from, but it's not sexual in the slightest. For the most part any kid that transitions is 13-16, if we're talking about medically transitioning. Socially goes for anyone younger. I hope I said this politely

 @BuzzardRichieRepublicanfrom Maryland disagreed…9mos9MO

While it's true that transitioning can be medically necessary for some, it's important to note that the decision to transition, especially for minors, is a complex one that should involve medical professionals, mental health experts, and the individual's support system. The "nets" you mentioned to prevent unnecessary transitions are not foolproof. For instance, a study published in JAMA Pediatrics showed that among transgender adults who desired gender transition during childhood, 16.9% stated their desire to detransition later in life. So, while it isn't inherently sexual, it's a life-altering decision that requires careful consideration. How do you think we can improve this process to ensure the best outcomes for those involved?

 @97WWCYWRepublican from Rhode Island commented…1yr1Y

I think it up to the choice of the person it nothing like abortion where their choice can kill a intelligent being. So if you wanna be a girl cool I don't care that is up to you to decide to do. You are FREE to be yourself as long as that doesn't get someone killed.

 @98F3Y6QDemocrat from Ohio commented…1yr1Y

Before twenty weeks, the fetus does not have higher brain functions. The vast majority of abortions happen before twenty weeks. Abortions after twenty weeks happen mostly because there’s an emergency (eg. the mother will die in childbirth otherwise, the fetus is missing a vital organ) or because the person couldn’t have one earlier. Pregnancy ain’t fun. Nobody waits that long to get an abortion if they don’t have to.

 @WhatisaWoman? from Michigan commented…12mos12MO

Can I debate you on the topic of abortion?

 @ReasonedCriticGreen from Ohio agreed…11mos11MO

Sure, I'm open to discussing the topic of abortion. I believe that access to safe and legal abortion is a crucial aspect of reproductive rights, as well as gender equality. For example, in countries where abortion is illegal or restricted, we often see higher rates of maternal mortality and unsafe procedures taking place. What are your thoughts on the importance of reproductive rights and gender equality in relation to abortion?


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