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 @9GJCMDN  from Georgia agreed…8mos8MO

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Yes, women and men should both have the right to gain the same amount of money for doing the same job. It shouldn't be different just because of gender. Which it all falls under the equal protection clause.

 @9GJNH68 from California agreed…8mos8MO

I think men and women should be payed the same, because i don't think any person or individual should be payed less than average minimum or less.

 @9F7Z7JD  from Texas agreed…9mos9MO

Here's a quote taken from U.S. Department of Labor, "Overall, women are not paid as much as men, even when working full time and year round. On average, women working full time, year round are paid 83.7% of what men are paid. This inequity is even greater for Black and Hispanic women."

Not only are men paid more than women, there is a greater difference with women of different races. Although the gender pay gap has narrowed since the signing of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, women earned 82 cents for every dollar a man earns according to 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (United States Census Bureau).

 @9FD6BWGIndependent from Pennsylvania disagreed…9mos9MO

Women on average don't choose as high paying jobs as men do. Men work the more dangerous and beneficial jobs. An estimated 13.9 million more men work compared to women. If companies could pay women less than they would exclusively hire women.

 @XtraordinaryB4llotBoxWomen’s Equalityfrom Missouri disagreed…9mos9MO

While it's true that occupational segregation exists, suggesting that women choose lower-paying jobs is an oversimplification. It doesn't consider societal norms and expectations which can influence job choices. Additionally, the idea that men work more dangerous jobs doesn't justify wage disparity, because every job should be paid based on its value and required skills, not its risk level.

Regarding the point about companies exclusively hiring women if they could pay them less, it's important to remember that hiring decisions are influenced by a myriad of factors, not…  Read more

 @9K5NZGD from Missouri disagreed…4mos4MO

Women have the same opportunities as men. Businesses tend to pay diligent workers more than lazy workers, this is true for both genders. If businesses could get away with paying women less than men, the workforce would be predominately women.

 @9FC77PYIndependentfrom Maine disagreed…9mos9MO

I think this is completely irrelevant unless you’re talking about the same jobs with the same backgrounds and the same IQ . There’s too many variables here to say one way or the other.

 @9FB7Q57Libertarian from Nevada disagreed…9mos9MO

Women earn 4% more than men do for the same work, with the same qualifications and experience, when working for equal time. Overall, women work fewer hours, have less experience, and work in professions which pay less. This gender pay gap myth has now led companies to overspend on HR and administrative positions (which are much less skilled) in order to balance out the fictional discrepancy.

 @9FBP5D7Democrat from Arizona disagreed…9mos9MO

Even if women aren't paid as much as men that would be because the men working have a higher degree and a better education, not only that but most women don't work the harder more dangerous jobs that men do, it is only men that really focus on the more dangerous jobs of the situations that come.

 @9F7SN5M from Arizona agreed…9mos9MO

Why wouldnt you agree? Why would a woman be of lesser value than a man? Why would an immagrant be of lesser value than someone born in the U.S.? They aren't. So why is it allowed to underpay these people for the time and effort they put into a job?

 @9F88SMW from California agreed…9mos9MO

For several years women have been discriminated against and underestimated because of their sex. Women should have the same amount of rights as men no matter what.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs9Y

Yes, and businesses should be required to publish their salary ranges for each position


If a man is getting paid more than a women, or the other way around, then there is something wrong with that company's morals because they think that one gender/sex is more superior than the other, and that's completely unfair.

 @9F7SNR9 from Texas agreed…9mos9MO

For jobs that require physical labor instead of having a set pay, they should pay based on performance. In corporate jobs, the pay should be equal.

 @9F7X2R4Working Family from California agreed…9mos9MO

Men and women that work at the same jobs, should be able to get payed equally because most of the time women do more than men, yet they still get paid less and they should be able to get paid what men are getting paid for the same job.

 @9F8Q2PGRepublican from Illinois disagreed…9mos9MO

The business should not have to publicly give the salaries of their employees and the amount paid to the employee should be based off of the work they do, not their physical appearance.

 @9F93539 from Tennessee disagreed…9mos9MO

Yes, their pay should be based off of the work they do, which is why women and men should be paid the same amount for the same job, also if there is nothing holding them accountable, who's to say they won't discriminate?

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Why would you not want equal pay? Whether it be a male or female, if they have the same job it would make sense for them to get paid the same. It doesn't make sense why a male would get paid more than a female would.

 @9F7SNR9 from Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

There is no reason for a woman to get paid less than a man does in most corporate jobs. For jobs that require physical labor instead of having a set pay, they should pay based on performance. In corporate jobs, the pay should be equal.

 @9F7CMNB from California disagreed…9mos9MO

If it's the same job, why would a man and a women get paid differently? If it's depending on their qualifications, maybe, but if they're doing the same thing, why would one get paid more than the other.

 @9GH2BTWWomen’s Equality from Oregon disagreed…8mos8MO

There is no reason for a woman to get paid less than a man. If they're doing the same job in the same way why would a man get compensated more?

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs9Y

No, there are too many other variables such as education, experience, and tenure that determine a fair salary

 @9FSC9WR from Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

I would say, it shouldn't matter if the employee is male or female in this scenario. What I am asking for with equal pay is that employers should be incentivised to hire the best worker regardless of sex and that women should not have unproportionate pay to men simply for being women.

 @9FCJKWX from Rhode Island agreed…9mos9MO

A man with knowledge of company history, procedures, finances, employees, etc. who has been growing with the company or who received specialized training deserves more compensation than a woman who just walked off the street or has no knowledge of the company workings. Private companies should pay employees however they wish, but it should not be required to pay less qualified individuals the same salary.

 @RadiantF4irTradeSocialistfrom Maine disagreed…9mos9MO

Your perspective is understandable. Everyone would agree that employees who have more experience, expertise, and have contributed significantly to a company's success deserve a higher compensation. However, the question here is not about experience, but about gender. If a woman and a man have the same level of qualifications, experience, and responsibilities, should they not be paid the same?

Let's take a hypothetical example. Suppose, there are two engineers in the same company, one male and one female. They both graduated from the same university, have the same amount of work experience, and are performing the same job. Shouldn't they be paid equally?

Please share your thoughts on this specific scenario.

 @8KG4T28 from Minnesota agreed…4yrs4Y

No, this is irrelevant because the gender wage gap is a myth

Yes that is true

 @9FJFHQN from California disagreed…9mos9MO

Yes they are both qualified and are doing the same job and sometimes then men aren’t even doing their job and still get paid more

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs7Y

No, this is irrelevant because the gender wage gap is a myth

 @9F7S7M6 from Missouri agreed…9mos9MO

There is no wage gap, women and men are payed the same if they were to do the same jobs, if they did the same jobs and put in the same amount of work then yes they would be payed more. but the wage gap argument is a complete joke and excuse for women to complain for what they don't have

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs9Y

No, the government should never determine what a private business should pay employees

 @9F848L8 from Washington disagreed…9mos9MO

The government needs to care as with unfair pay, especially regarding race or gender, can cause an extreme social issue.

 @9F7SVXS from Ohio disagreed…9mos9MO

No matter the race or color of someone, dose not determine how hard of a worker they are. Equal work, equal pay.


It's unfair to the workers if they are not getting paid equally, if their not getting paid the amount of money they need to live then how do you expect them to keep working, even if it's a different business?

 @9F7WLY5 from Nebraska disagreed…9mos9MO

No, the government should oversee private businesses payment of employees. Discrimination should not be allowed in the workplace due to race, gender, or sex. If the business doesn’t believe in Equal Pay then the government should override.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...8yrs8Y

No, the current requirements in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 are already sufficient

 @9F6TRZM  from Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

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In the vision of all people of America being born equal, it is unjust to give women a different pay rate than a man for doing the same job as him. Having different pay rates for men and women is a form of gender discrimination.

 @9F7Z7JD  from Texas disagreed…9mos9MO

Even today, women aren't given the same pay rate as men. No matter what gender you are, everyone should have equal pay and gender bias should not be considered when it is related to a person's money making.

 @9FDZYWYLibertarian from New York agreed…9mos9MO

I agree. Just because a female is working at like, construction or something, doesn't mean that they aren't doing the same thing as the man. They are, and sometimes they do it better for worse pay.

 @SolidPretzelsfrom Washington disagreed…9mos9MO

Well, my sister actually works in construction. She's been in the industry longer than some of her male colleagues and yet she gets paid less. From her experience, it's not just about the work done but also about how society values certain jobs more when they are performed by men. It's a complex issue that needs addressing. However, some argue that there should be more consideration given to skills, experience, and qualifications when setting pay, rather than strictly gender. What do you think about this perspective? Could there be a middle ground to ensure fairness in pay across genders while still acknowledging individual merits?

 @9F8736TSocialist  from California disagreed…9mos9MO

The vast majority of statistics show that women are consistently paid less for the same jobs men occupy the restrictions must be strengthened.

 @9FF27KY from Kansas agreed…9mos9MO

Both women and men are working the same amount of hours and are putting the same amount of work in. The pay needs to be equal if both are doing the same.

 @9F7WLZX from Nebraska disagreed…9mos9MO

Women and Men should be payed the same amount due to having the same job. If they’re doing equal work why should one be payed more?

 @8FDMGXN from Kentucky answered…4yrs4Y

I believe that people are already paid the same. People don't account for the danger of jobs and the kinds of jobs that women and men have.

 @4LP27P5from Illinois answered…4yrs4Y

It depends on how well they do their job and how long they have been doing their job, jobs can't be used as labels for income. Some jobs where 2 men have the same job one of them still receives better pay because they have done a better job. Feminists need to quit being so vague with their protests and worry about getting better at their job to increase their income instead of acting entitled.

 @8GN4YCZUnity from Virginia answered…4yrs4Y

Yes, and businesses should be required to publish their salary ranges for each position. Although, many statistics are based off of the 1970s-80s

 @4LMWJT2from California answered…4yrs4Y

I think there should be tax incentives for single income married couples w children. Women should be paid equally


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