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@6BX5P5PDemocratfrom Ohio  answered…12mos

As a Deaf individual, covering of the face is highly disrespectful in our culture. And no, not just the United States of America, but internationally. Deaf Muslim children and women highly reject such facial coverings.
It's of utmost importance for our culture to 'read' facial expressions and the lip movements tell us a lot about the individual's emotions.
It is perfectly fine if they cover their head and their body... But not the face and hands.

@6D5WYWGDemocratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…12mos

Nuns wear penguin outfits and a lot of women here hide their faces under make-up and plastic surgery. No one begrudges them THEIR right to look stupid. So get a grip. It's a free country. Usually the "moral" majority gets upset when women AREN'T covering themselves from head to toe. Like when GW Moron was in office and his administration covered up all of the statues featuring exposed breasts. I mean, seriously. COME ON! What is wrong with you tRUMP fans. Back off, Bozos.

@9XCF2QCConstitution from Ohio answered…2wks

yes, it should be allowed but it can never be made mandatory like sharia law.

@9X9BMTDVeteran from Connecticut answered…2wks

Yes, as long as if when they are required to show their face they do.

@9W6LZ8YConstitution from Washington answered…2mos

Yes, it is a person's private choice to wear any form of clothing as long as it's appropriate clothing, not revealing.

@9W6KTFSAmerican from Minnesota answered…2mos

Honestly, no you moved to this country rules should change for you, you need to acclimate to this culture.

@9VYGGR7Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

@9VSCN67Peace and Freedomfrom Maine  answered…2mos

Yes, provided that the women are free to decide how they want to dress

@SAB2021Democrat from Florida answered…1mo

No, because the idea behind it is in response to a patriarchal religious system In which women are subjected to and treated as second-class citizens.

@9VZMX7CConstitution from New Jersey answered…2mos

NO because these days that becomes a SECURITY and SAFETY ISSUE!

@9VTY3S6Women’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…2mos

Yes, as long as they can verify their identity upon request.

@9VMT78FPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…3mos

We don't ban people from wearing face masks, either as a representation of their political stance or in general; why ban wearing a burqa or niqab because of religion?

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…5mos

No. Let anyone wear whatever they want, yet they’d need to remove it if asked for identifying and security purposes.

@9TNV5NGRepublican from South Carolina answered…5mos

@9FZSDDNLibertarian from Massachusetts answered…1yr

All people should be able to have face coverings. Religous/cultural acceptions can be abused and shouldn't exist.

@9FZ27Z9Democrat from New Jersey answered…1yr

Once again separation of Church and State this is a secular country

@9FSPDJMVeteran from New Jersey answered…1yr

Yes, clothing choice is a part of free expression, which itself is a part of freedom of speech, while religious clothing is an expression of freedom of religion, both of which are inherent in the First Amendment

@9FH27MLRepublican from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, During security at an airport or at borders but not during passport pictures

@9FG8WRKPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1yr

YES! I feel as though if the US didn't feel like every Muslim was a terrorist that wouldn't be a problem. The only time a woman should have to take off her Niqāb, or face veil should be for their ID.

@9FD6M2LRepublican from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, as long as it does not violate any laws prohibiting masks or face coverings meant to conceal identity

@9F8DCWPWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…1yr

@9F8DWVLVeteran from Arizona answered…1yr

Yes, if they so choose to. The First Amendment allows for free speech and practice of one's religion.

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…4mos

@9V8V7GTConstitutionfrom Pennsylvania  answered…4mos

No, I don't support any woman who does, but I do respect her decision to do so.

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…5mos

@9TXVF8PLibertarian from New Jersey answered…5mos

@Kris-PirilloRepublican from Florida answered…5mos

@9SXXW7PVeteran from California answered…7mos

@9SWK2QGVeteran from Illinois answered…7mos

we should respect all cultural traditions but it should be known that it is not an Islamic sin to not wear one, so as with western culture or even laws that disallow face covering due to concealing identity if unlawful acts, they should remove.

@9SP9CS6Women’s Equality from Florida answered…7mos

yes, we should respect all culture. But, they still have to reveal their face to a private female staff member because something can happen like a kidnapping and they can't tell the cops what they looked like or who they were because they couldn't see their face.

@9SKTSTCDemocrat from Illinois answered…7mos

Yes, but if security requires verification of identity provision must be made for that.

@9S6VYQZVeteran from Florida answered…8mos

In the past I would say that masks (like ski masks, or face veils) are not appropriate, but since we are all wearing masks - for now it needs to be allowed.

@9S59BMXIndependent from Connecticut answered…8mos

I think its disgusting and a human rights violation, but 1st amendment

@KateM88Women’s Equality from Maine answered…9mos

This is not a yes or no question. It depends on the reason for the covering.

@9RPWV8WDemocrat from Texas answered…9mos

we should respect all religions and their identification should be verified by a awoman

@9RJBQ24Republican from Georgia answered…9mos

@9RJ7K49Republican from Illinois answered…9mos

Yes, but we should encourage them to stop wearing them as it isn't a religious symbol but a symbol of oppression.

@9RCSPC8Democrat from Minnesota answered…9mos

yes and no one should be able to tell them otherwise. It is a big part of their religion.

@9R3GZGJPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…10mos

It's a mix of existing options. Yes, respect all cultural traditions but female staffs should identify those wearing them, or at least show legal I.D to them.


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