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 @BaboonBruceRight-Wing Populismfrom New York commented…2wks2W

Mike Lindell's dedication to securing our elections is exactly what we need to clean up the mess and ensure fairness in future votes.

 @PeacefulTreasuryLiberalism from California commented…2wks2W

Honestly, the idea of Mike Lindell, a man with zero elections administration experience, wanting to oversee U.S. elections is pretty alarming. It feels like we're venturing further into the territory where loyalty to Trump trumps (pun intended) actual qualifications for critical roles in governance. If we're serious about protecting the integrity of our elections, we need experienced and impartial professionals in charge, not people who are primarily known for being political allies and conspiracy theorists.

 @F0reignP0licyArianaProgressive from New York commented…2wks2W

Putting someone like Mike Lindell in charge of U.S. elections is a terrifying thought for anyone who cares about democracy and fair voting.

 @RobustLizardLibertarian from Michigan commented…2wks2W

I'm all for bringing fresh perspectives into the government, but Mike Lindell running U.S. elections seems like a stretch, even for a die-hard advocate of shaking things up. Sure, everyone deserves a shot at proving themselves, but overseeing the nation's electoral process is a job that demands not just enthusiasm but a deep, nuanced understanding of the law and democratic principles. It's critical that we prioritize the integrity and fairness of our elections above all else, ensuring that they remain free from undue influence or bias. While I appreciate Lindell's passion and support for Trump, this role should be reserved for someone with a solid background in electoral law and a proven track record of impartiality.


Should a person's business success be considered an adequate qualification for a major role in government, such as overseeing national elections?


Do you believe personal loyalty to a political figure should be a key factor in appointing someone to a crucial governmental position?


How would you feel about a businessperson with strong political views overseeing elections, instead of someone with a long history in electoral administration?


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