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 @CentristStellaNo Labels from New York commented…4wks4W

YOU can stop the NSA from taking over the internet—Senators are now afraid to vote for the "Everyone is a spy" RISAA Bill due to the overwhelming public opposition, but the White House is fighting HARD to whip them into line. If you haven't yet, PLEASE call your Senator NOW!

 @AnxiousPr0porti0nalPeace and Freedomfrom Connecticut commented…4wks4W

Americans have learned a great deal about their own country and Israel, and a host of other things on Tik Tok over the last few years, so, naturally, it has to be made unavailable to American citizens, to “protect our freedoms”. Straight out of “1984”.

 @HareEllaDemocrat from California disagreed…4wks4W

Again. Tik Tok may be fine for many. Personally? I don't want an an app that demands having privileges to access my entire computer. I've attempted to dl it so I already know what it requires.

 @BipartisanMartyPatriotfrom Maine commented…4wks4W


If the government can ban TikTok today, what other freedoms might be at risk tomorrow?


How would the banning of TikTok before an election impact young voters' abilities to share and receive information?

 @9LNWCV3Democrat from Louisiana answered…4wks4W


Should one person, like the President, have the power to decide which social media apps are a threat to national security?


Do you think it's fair for a government to ban certain social media platforms based on where they come from?

 @9LNWG58 from Texas answered…4wks4W


How would you feel if the government had the power to shut down your favorite social media platform in the name of national security?


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