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 @ISIDEWITH asked…2hrs2H

Should the government use facial recognition technology for mass surveillance to enhance public safety?


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 @ISIDEWITH asked…52mins52m

Should the government require tech companies to provide backdoor access to encrypted communications for national securit…


 @ISIDEWITH asked…52mins52m

Should the government invest in artificial intelligence (AI) for defense applications?

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 @GnuLou from Washington D.C. submitted…3 days3D

Israelis Are Blocking Aid To Gaza


 @9MLFT88 from Pennsylvania answered…52mins52m

Ai artificial intelligence should be forever banned

 @9MLFSXYfrom Montana  answered…52mins52m

Doesn’t the government already do this, because of that some government people say oh how private is private shut up

 @9MLF5VJ from New Mexico answered…2hrs2H

I think for crowded places like stadiums or restaurants they should.

 @9MLF5VJ from New Mexico answered…2hrs2H

I feel like they should so we can have better communications.

 @9MLF5VJ from New Mexico answered…2hrs2H

No, I think that will eventually ruin our world and take over.

 @9J2LX9L from Tennessee answered…2hrs2H

Yes, as long as it's strictly regulated and everything is planned.

 @9MLDCL7 from Florida answered…2hrs2H

It would have to be really good technology. Otherwise, no.

 @9MLC36K from Texas answered…4hrs4H

I don't think its time for that yet. Not till we have impenetrable net defense.

 @9MLBZ3K from California answered…4hrs4H

Only at international ports of entry, and federal government buildings.

 @9ML95N2 from Minnesota answered…6hrs6H

This is a complex topic that needs to be debated further before deciding action

 @9ML8J6B from California answered…7hrs7H

I’m concerned about the upcoming presidential election and who will be in charge - so at this point I have to say no.

 @9ML8J6B from California answered…7hrs7H

It’s already being used and is out of control. There is not back pedaling that I can see.

 @9ML8J6B from California answered…7hrs7H

I am concerned about the exploitation by “malicious actors.”

 @9ML8J6B from California answered…7hrs7H

All military actions can “lead to unintended consequences in critical situations.” Is AI worse than the current methods?…

 @9ML5WGR from Wisconsin answered…10hrs10H

No, the tech isn’t good enough yet. If my phone or computer don’t always recognize me, how can we trust it will identify…