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Yes, we must use whatever means necessary to prevent another terrorist attack

@95MVCYB  from Texas disagreed…2wks

umm so u prevent a terriost attack by killing them and making them upset? bruh

@95NBTRY  from Nevada commented…2wks

@9684639 from Texas answered…1hr

Yes, but only in extremely urgent cases, and the rules governing this practice should be more clearly defined so that it is not able to be broadly applied to suit a sitting president's fancy.

@9682JV2 from New York answered…3hrs

@9682DQ5 from Tennessee answered…3hrs

Yes, only if it is an urgent situation needing to be passed faster than the congressional approval process.

@967ZZG6 from California answered…3hrs

@967YMGW from Nevada answered…5hrs

The congress should approve, but if this is necessary in stopping another terrorist attack they should.

@967YKVK from Arizona answered…5hrs

Congress should approve military action, but they are incapable of agreeing on anything in an urgent manner.

@967WS4P from California answered…6hrs

Yes, as long as the use of military force is reasonable and not taken advantage of

@967W6YT from North Carolina answered…7hrs

@967VMNR from Washington answered…7hrs

@967TN53 from Texas answered…8hrs

depends on severity,it must be approved by the majority in order to prevent uneassaserry soldier lost.

@967SZSW from Texas answered…8hrs

The president should be able to authorize military force against a terrorist threat on US territory

@967SPCG from North Carolina answered…8hrs

It depends on where and why. If congress is told then the media will know about it and so will everyone. But yes.

@967SGH6 from California answered…9hrs

@967RPMV from Illinois answered…9hrs

@967PH3P from Washington answered…10hrs

@967P6XXIndependent from Florida answered…10hrs

Yes, he should be able to use the military but only when there is a major threat to American lives.

@967NM2R from California answered…10hrs

@967LTRN from Arizona answered…11hrs

Yes they could but maybe with at least one other important person giving the okay.

@967KB4G from Nevada answered…12hrs

If they aren't in the middle of preparing an attack or attacking no.

@967K9NR from Idaho answered…12hrs

Yes, if it feels like an immediate decision is needed but most war like conflicts should go before congress

@967JZLW from New Mexico answered…12hrs

@967H8G8Republican from Texas answered…12hrs

Yes, we must use whatever means necessary to prevent another terrorist attack but only if it gets to the point where they feel like they have to do something

@967G6DMRepublican from Virginia answered…13hrs

No, but the president should be able to respond quickly if necessary.

@967F53J from Indiana answered…13hrs

Yes, but only against the organization when applicable, not countries or regions

@967F4HY from Indiana answered…13hrs

@967DPKCDemocrat from Nevada answered…13hrs

Yes if congress says no while the Al-Qaeda are doing planned attacks

@967DPFS from North Carolina answered…13hrs

I believe that we should use force but at least have the approval of congress.

@967CW6ZIndependent from California answered…13hrs

@967BXZY from North Carolina answered…14hrs


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