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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, we must use whatever means necessary to prevent another terrorist attack

@95MVCYB  from Texas disagreed…2mos

umm so u prevent a terriost attack by killing them and making them upset? bruh

@95NBTRY  from Nevada commented…2mos

@97ZZW3Z from Virginia answered…46mins

Depends on the intensity of the situation and whether or not congress as the countries best interests in mind or there own.

@97ZYZLJ from New Mexico answered…4hrs

@97ZW4M9Democrat from Texas answered…12hrs

Only in Moments of extreme danger to national security, and even then they must defer to Congress for approval on continued action

@97ZVV52Women’s Equality from Hawaii answered…13hrs

No, Congress should approve all military conflicts if time isn't of the essence.

@97ZVKLF from North Carolina answered…13hrs

@97ZVFWJ from Minnesota answered…14hrs

@97ZTFJZ from New York answered…16hrs

@97ZS8D8 from Virginia answered…19hrs

if an attack is imminent and getting congressional approval would delay a preventable attack

@97ZRD58 from New York answered…24hrs

@97ZR29CRepublican from California answered…1 day

The President should be able to use military force in the event of an imminent threat or attack, but should have Congressional approval for longterm operations.

@97ZPNXY from Texas answered…1 day

The president shouldn't be allowed to invade other countries without congressional approval, he should only be allowed to authorize military force if the government of the country being invaded says its ok.

@97ZMBGL from Colorado answered…2 days

Yes, but only short term. Anything longterm needs congressional approval

 @David-Cooper from Kentucky answered…2 days

NO, there is a checks and balances program in place for a reason. Although the legislation branch at both federal and KY state level needs a huge reality check.

@97ZLZGTConstitution from Texas answered…2 days

 @David-Cooper-KY from Kentucky answered…2 days

No, I believe we have three branches of government for a reason, to balance powers. Legislation bills should not be allowed to be re voted on if the governor or president veto's them.

@97ZCVW3 from Oklahoma answered…3 days

@97ZCR8J from Texas answered…3 days

No, Congress helps with check and balance process in making sound decisions.

 @@Jason2024 from California answered…3 days

No, I'd rather that countries stay out of others' businesses -- ESPECIALLY when each of the two are from different continents. Endless wars suck!

@97Z9Z23 from Oregon answered…3 days

Immediate military action should be determined by one man in extreme circumstances in order to expedite the process. It should reviewed and decided by congress ASAP in order to withdrawal or proceed.

@97Z8HFR from Florida answered…3 days

@97Z7KGD from Oregon answered…4 days

Within the next month, maybe two, of the attack, sure. After that, maybe leave it to Congress.

@97Z6WM2 from Florida answered…4 days

@97Z5FRV from Virginia answered…4 days

@97Z4375 from Illinois answered…4 days

Only in an emergency. If congress can not convene in time to stop the threat.

@97YZ33R from Indiana answered…4 days

@97YYKYBSocialist from Maryland answered…5 days

@97YTS5Q from Maryland answered…5 days

@97YTQMC from New York answered…5 days

Yes, but Congress must approve/ratify any sustained use of military force.

@97YTLKS from Georgia answered…5 days

The only time our military should be used without any approval is if we are in imminent threat of being attacked. Any military commitment to an overseas war must have congressional approval. If we would have stuck to this principle, we would not be in the situation that we are in today.

@97YPRSX from Minnesota answered…5 days

I do not have enough information to answer accurately and informed.

@97YN2YW from Ohio answered…6 days

Yes but only in the situation where we need military force right then and there and congress won't be able to provide an answer at that moment.

@97YLLYC from New Jersey answered…6 days

I do not recall military policy to an extent large enough to answer

@97YLCBLIndependent from North Carolina answered…6 days

I feel like it depends on the threat level and how urgent forces are needed

@97YKDXQ from Colorado answered…6 days

If absolutely necessary but I believe he should try to get it first

@97YHXLH from Wisconsin answered…6 days

the President should only be allowed to use military force without Congressional approval during an emergency where there is no time to wait for Congressional approval to come through


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