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 @9RK79FW from Ohio answered…21mins21m

No, decriminalize all drugs instead. We need more programs to help those addicted as they are usually also subjected to…

 @9RJFY99 from Missouri answered…16hrs16H

I don’t say legalize all drugs but definitely loosen the grip on them but I do think you can use military force within o…

 @9RJF46S from Florida answered…16hrs16H

Yes but work in conjunction with the Mexican government so to make it a liberation and not an occupation

 @9RJB8TJ from Texas answered…17hrs17H

We should use the US military against Mexican Drug Cartels in Mexico if we are partnering with Mexico's government.

 @9RHVQHT from Florida answered…21hrs21H

Yes. These cartels are bringing in drugs so they should be liable for any drugs in the country that are linked to them.…

 @9RHRMCL from Arizona answered…23hrs23H

If we were too we should be doing it to protect both Mexican and American citizens in mind for protection from the carte…

 @9RHP63D from South Carolina answered…24hrs24H

Use whatever resources at our disposal domestically and seek mutual consent of governing authorities internationally.