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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they are planning to attack our country

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they have committed an attack against our country

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@8FR2GHDVeteran from Virginia answered…2yrs

US should give option for foreign nation to turn them over or risk foreign aid/US handling the matter if nation refuses

@98XNYDZRepublican from Michigan answered…3hrs

depends on the situation like if the terrorists did something to America or any other Allied country

@98XNXBFRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…3hrs

Yes, but only if they are going to or have attacked our country in an extremely threatening way.

@98XNPHP from New York answered…3hrs

All viable mean to capture and imprison them should be taken to hold them accountable for their actions and to serve justice. However, if a situation is serious enough and a serious threat must be terminated. Then I believe it is the right thing to do to eliminate the threat.

@98XNGLG from Florida answered…3hrs

Yes, but only if the country that the criminal/criminals are hiding in alow it but you can override that if it is a horrible terroristic act.

@98XKV5Z from Nebraska answered…4hrs

I think if they have attacked our country before, and plan to again that they should be seen as a bounty target. Wanted to be captured alive but use lethal force if necessary.

@98XKQSMRepublican from Illinois answered…4hrs

@98XJ8LX from California answered…5hrs

Tell the government of the foreign country to assassinate them so no warcrime.

@98XHYZS from Colorado answered…5hrs

When enough evidence is provided , that it is a terrosit planning on hurting out country , planning on killings, assasination should be requierd

@98XHY9YDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…5hrs

If is it suspected then no, if they have undeniable proof, then yes

@98XHJ5C from Maryland answered…5hrs

Yes, only if there is undeniable proof of a planned attack and/or committed attack on our country.

@98XGZCH from New Mexico answered…6hrs

@98XD6ZX from Wisconsin answered…7hrs

@98XBXN2Republican from Delaware answered…8hrs

Yes, if there is undeniable evidence that they are expected to attack our country or others that are allies.

@98X5TN6 from New York answered…23hrs

Yes but carefully knowing that they are actually a threat we don't want to start A-war

@98X525P from Wisconsin answered…1 day

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they are planning and have committed to attack our country

@98X3YWJProgressive from Virginia answered…1 day

Only if they have full authority and cooperation from said country.

@98X3W6YRepublican from Ohio answered…1 day

I feel if anything they should be incarcerated and given a fair trial first, and depending on those results if there are plans, or attacks that were proven to be carried out to or by them, then yes.

@98X3GPPRepublican from Arizona answered…1 day

The US shouldn't assassinate suspected terrorists without any evidence.

@98WWFKS from Texas answered…2 days

@98WSTCY from Ohio answered…3 days

Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they are planning to attack our country. And have permission to from that country.

@98WRNTN from Michigan answered…3 days

It must be positively confirmed that they are a terrorist and have taken innocent life.

@98WQW2R from Missouri answered…3 days

@98WLLW7 from Wisconsin answered…3 days

I think do it smartly and dont make it a really big goal and just get them at the right moment.

@98WL947 from Michigan answered…3 days

@98WL3MP from Louisiana answered…3 days

@98WGV2T from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

No, because it can easily cause conflict and start wars in the US and the country is not at its best at the moment.

@98WGDSJ from Ohio answered…3 days

Merely suspected, no. But proven, like the Iranian general in Iraq, yes. And also we had the authority in Iraq to do so. Assassinating him in, say, India, without their approval would be a no.

@98W2GDP from Texas answered…3 days

If the terrorist wants to change their life for the better then no, but if they don't then yes.

@98W77W2 from California answered…4 days

@98W6Y5V from Colorado answered…4 days

no because just because theyre a suspect does not mean that they are a terroist

@98W5TYHRepublican from Illinois answered…4 days

@98W3GYD from Virginia answered…4 days

@98W36CWDemocrat from Texas answered…4 days

Only if they have proof that indeed did do or plan to attack out country

@98W2ZG9Independence from Iowa answered…4 days

It depends on what the threat is and how it would affect the people and the society that we are currently around.


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