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@957QQY7 from North Carolina answered…5mos

Yes,but only for child rape,human trafficking and international banking.

@95DFSVNfrom North Carolina  answered…5mos

Yes,but only in cases of child rape,human trafficking and international banking.

@4WVPX4Lfrom Virginia  answered…2yrs

No. Some people deserve to die. In fact, let's expand it to include child molesters, corrupt politicians, and the jerk who steals my parking space.

@5F2HBVHfrom New York  answered…2yrs

For fascists and pedophiles, but it should be done on a community-based protocol, not through the federal government.

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  disagreed…5mos

Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence

Sounds an awful lot like a lynch mob.

@4Z3Q5XRfrom California  answered…2yrs

Yes and all death row prisoners should give up all rights and we should use body parts of all death row convicts as needed to save the lives of law abiding citizens

@5BHLNC2from Florida  answered…2yrs

I think you should get 3 chances and if you do it for the 3rd time then you should do life in prison.

@4WVVP9GSocialistfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

@5BPWZYZfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Those who are for the death penalty are hypocritical. You are killing someone because they killed someone.... you are punishing them for a crime that you are committing by killing them. And if you kill that person they don't have to live with the wrongs they have done. Spending life in prison is way more harsh then killing them.

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  disagreed…5mos

Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence

That assumes the victim shares the same status as the perpetrator.

Murder is the unlawful/immoral execution of a person.

The death penalty is the lawful/moral execution of a person who has performed a heinous act.

@5B96R3Lfrom New Jersey  answered…2yrs

no make them work the rest of their life and be a use to society death is the easy way out make them regret their decision, but not just relax in a prison keep them working

@4Z6WMCPfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

@5B47QPPfrom New York  answered…2yrs

It is morally justifiable to execute a guilty person. It is not morally justifiable to kill innocent babies in the womb.

@4T3P39Zfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Yes, bring back public hangings and executions for more serious crimes. There needs to be more deterrents because our jails are like hotels.

@5BDTFCCfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

I would rather support the elongated torture of prisoners over the death penalty, or life in prison. The fear of being thrown into prison would send shivers down the spines of those locked in urban conflict, as well as lead toward everlasting peace within the United States.

@4T456P5from California  answered…2yrs

there should be labor camps where people who deserve severe punishments for their actions would have to do hard labor in different fields of their choosing!

@4T3L8DKfrom Alabama  answered…2yrs

The Victim's family should decide the punishment after it is ruled the criminal did the crime 100% true

@5DSTL3Mfrom Maryland  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only for an offender who murders a law enforcement officer, a correctional office, or another inmate while incarcerated.

@5F7MWHKfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

Its hard, but terrorists, child molesters, people who commit crimes against humanity can suffer the death penalty. The death penalty can take these dangerous people out of the world, if they are not willing to change or if they are very dangerous. If we kill bad people in war, is hypocritical to say is wrong to kill bad people outside of war. Obviously you have to follow the laws and procedures.

@5F5VMJWRepublicanfrom Minnesota  answered…2yrs

Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence and the victim’s family should decide the punishment

@4XB359Sfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

I support cruel and unusual punishment rather than the death penalty or life in prison.

@5F7PCXCfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

No, and the prison system should be reformed from punishment oriented to rehabilitation oriented

@4T4LV86from Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

@533XMVZfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

Yes, I'm abnormal I think the death penalty is more merciful than forcing someone into solitude forever against their will

@98ZBJWT from Texas answered…11hrs

@98Z55JX from Idaho answered…23hrs

I think this varies from case to case, and 2 wrongs do not make a right

@98YZDLY from Missouri answered…1 day

Instead of being given life in prison OR the death penalty it should be up to the inprisoned.

@98YJVRY from Colorado answered…2 days

Yes, if in the future the choice is between the death penalty or psychological torture

@98YBRL2 from Washington D.C. answered…2 days

No; it does not seem right to "play god" and decide someone is beyond help.

@98YB59S from Alabama answered…2 days

No, the death penalty is inhumane way of killing someone. For the most severe crimes, they should be placed in the most secure prison known to man. Just let the person that has a life sentence be in the prison for the rest of his or her life.

@98Y6PLWfrom Maine  commented…2 days

Personally, for me, I do not support the death penalty. According to, in the United States’ history, the botched execution rate sits at 3.15% (276/8776). We should not be doing executions, especially when they have an ability to fail and cause the individual more pain. Also, in recent years, there have been several states that have executed people and then a few days later, evidence came up signifying that they might have been wrong about some things with the case. I also do not believe the death penalty is humane and I do not believe that others who have their own self motivated interests should decide whether someone gets executed or not. Overall, I do not support the death penalty.

@98XNN2X from New York answered…3 days

@98WSWBYIndependent from New York answered…6 days

yes but please fix it so that those who are innocently convicted are spared.

@98W7CKQ from New York answered…1wk

No, the government has no more right than an individual to kill a person, less even

@98VN5KP from Massachusetts answered…1wk

Yes, for cop killers and child molesters only. The rest can rot in a jar to be studied like the missing link and wish they were executed.

@98VMKGT from Tennessee answered…1wk

No, killing people is morally wrong no matter what they have done.

@98V5Q2R from North Carolina answered…1wk

No, some people are wrongly convicted and spending life in prison is worse than getting to die

@98V5DW2Democrat from Arizona answered…1wk

No, a governmental entity should not have the right to decide a person's right to live

@98TPWK4 from Kentucky answered…1wk

No, most of these people on death row need to be treated for mental illness.

@98STYX3 from Rhode Island answered…2wks

@98SP83W from Washington D.C. answered…2wks

No, because the state having a choice in who may live or die is a dangerous precedent.


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