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 @Mandat3TomatoeLibertarian from Indiana commented…4wks4W

How long are we going to be made to feel guilty because our cars emit CO2, which we blame for so-called global warming?

I'm not denying that it's hotter now than in the 18th century, but let's say it another way. It was colder in the 18th century than it is now. In fact, the 18th century was the coldest one of the second millennium. Man is not responsible for this. It would be extremely presumptuous to believe that we, simple humans, could change the climate.

 @UnstoppableIndependenceSocialist from California commented…4wks4W

Divestment from fossil fuel companies isn't working. Engagement with those companies isn't working. Nationalization would work, but is unlikely to fly politically. Perhaps a concentration strategy could work -- concentrate purchases on one oil/gas company (or investor-owned utility), to the point where it would be possible to replace management with people who will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. If that means lower returns for the shareholders in the near term, well, it's a modest price to pay to throttle back the supply side.

 @S3curitySeafowlDemocratfrom Texas commented…4wks4W

In a world with over 8 billion people and increasing, where long term is considered more than 3 years, short term business profits are the primary focus and mandatory (idiotic) growth is a requirement of the dominant economic system, the mere concept of sacrificing anything for the distant future is inconceivable. Mitigate global warming? Why bother? I won’t be here long enough to see the most severe effects anyway and besides I need a new 1,500 horsepower six passenger all wheel drive truck for my daily single passenger commute to lord my power and influence over my subordinates from the top floor of the towers.

 @DreadfulLibertyBellGreen from Kansas commented…4wks4W

We know exactly what we need to do and are doing the opposite. The plan seems to be to generate clouds of disinformation about how ecological and wonderful corporations (and governments) are, while selling as many climate-destroying products as possible as quickly as possible until either they kill us all or someone finally makes them stop. In the meantime, keep that gravy train rolling!

 @AmusedTigerLibertarian from Minnesota commented…4wks4W

The oil and gas industry has so many positive impacts on the economy, it’s hard to list them all.

 @Lobby1stBitternLibertarian from Missouri commented…4wks4W

Biden and the greens hate fossil fuels, but industry and the people demand them. It is impossible to have an economy dependent on electricity, which is helping China. We need all of the above. With Biden, oil companies are reluctant to invest. There is no hope with Biden. America could export natural gas and help Europe become dependent on gas and oil fuels from Russia or Iran. Drilling on our lands will end the dependency on Venezuela and Middle East oil in America. We need Trump to help America be independent from unreliable countries to meet our energy needs.

 @KeenIcecream from Illinois commented…4wks4W

The article is 100% correct when it states: “Mr. Biden deserves no credit for America’s fossil-fuel boom, but he’s surely benefiting from it, much as Barack Obama did in 2012. The President’s biggest economic success is something he has done everything in his power to thwart.”

In 2019, Joe clearly said during the New Hampshire primaries: “I want you to look in my eyes. I guarantee you – I guarantee you – we're going to end fossil fuel and I am not going to cooperate, okay?” Does anyone really believe that Biden’s “green&…  Read more


How do you reconcile the need for immediate economic stability provided by fossil fuels with the long-term goal of a sustainable, green energy future?


Would you support policies favoring fossil fuel production if they lead to job creation and economic prosperity, even if they contradict environmental commitments?


If fossil fuel industries are booming under a President who promotes green energy, does this make you question the effectiveness of political promises?


Considering the economic benefits of fossil fuel production, should President Biden prioritize them over green energy initiatives?


How do you feel about the trade-off between economic growth driven by fossil fuels and the environmental consequences they bring?


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