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 @L0bby1stJeffDemocratfrom Kentucky commented…1mo1MO

Lake needs to go away. She's a loser. And a liar.

 @Minarchist-08Libertarian from Washington disagreed…1mo1MO

 @Fr33m4rketBenCA Common Sensefrom Texas commented…1mo1MO

This woman conveys the zeal of a true believer.

And she even appears to believe what she says.

Yet we know any sane person would not believe those things.


 @PoliticalDukeSocialist from Virginia agreed…1mo1MO

Time to say a hard No to retread losers in the Republican party. Especially anyone handpicked by the loser in chief Trump.

 @BicameralOatmealRepublican from Illinois commented…1mo1MO

Good luck Kari Lake because Arizona was flooded by fleeing Californians along with their voting habits which is why you have Democrats like Katie Hobbs in positions of power in Arizona.

 @SenateTermitePatriotfrom California agreed…1mo1MO

positions of power in Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Utah, etc. I live in Montana. All the cities in the Rocky Mountain states are full of Democrats. It's only a matter of time until enough Californian immigrants elect liberals to national office. All the cities in my state, Montana, are extremely liberal.

 @P0litic4lPlatformCrowRepublican from Louisiana commented…1mo1MO

Arizona needs a Rep in the US Senate, but one has to seriously question Ms. Lake and her constant complaining / insistence that she won in 2020. That was DT's problem. If he had just walked away and accepted the defeat, his prospects might look better today. Same for Ms. Lake. As for Ms. Sinema, she might claim she's an independent, but if she is caucusing with the Dems, she's a Dem. That said, Ms. Sinema did stand against the far left wackos in her party on several key issues - and for that she would deserve consideration for my vote (I live in AZ). Lastly, as a sidebar, I would rather see Doug Ducey run on the Rep side for the US Senate. He would be a far better candidate vs. Ms. Lake.

 @WhitingAuroraDemocrat from California commented…1mo1MO

There are 2 reasons to vote for Joe Biden.

One, is the Electoral College that chooses the president.

It won't matter what the regular voter votes: The Electoral College chooses, irrelevant to what the "popular vote" is.

And, two: The "down-vote" on the ballot, capable men and women that are running who are not conservatives.

They are pro-choice, pro-union, pro-education, and pro-fairness.

This article mentioned some of the Democrat's finest: Rueban Gallego, Sherrod Brown. Jon Tester and Mark Kelly.

Good people and, in November, all will be "down-ballot".

Check that you are still on the voting lists in your state and haven't been purged!

This is good news!

 @Minarchist-08Libertarian from Washington disagreed…1mo1MO

Actually, the Electoral College benefits TRUMP, not BIDEN, in this race. Third Party Candidates benefit TRUMP. These are polls here.


Do you think it's fair for politicians to change their stance on major issues, such as abortion rights, based on public opinion?

 @VictoriousMackerelDemocrat from Missouri commented…1mo1MO

I've been backing Ruben Gallego since 2019, when Arizona Democrats collectively decided that Mark Kelly was the best chance we had to beat Martha McSally in the special election for John McCain's seat. At that time, and subsequently it has been understood that the 2024 race was Gallego's turn. At every step of the way, Gallego has gained more support from Independents and from Republicans as well as Democrats - we all know that he'll be as responsible to Arizona as a Senator as he has been as a Representative. Gallego is the reason Sinema backed out and Gallego is the reason Lake doesn't have a prayer. Expect Senator Gallego, 2024.


Should personal beliefs of politicians have a significant impact on their policy proposals, especially on sensitive issues like abortion?


How important is it for voters to influence family and friends in their voting decisions, as Jennifer Contreras does?


How do you feel about using laws from over 150 years ago to govern modern issues like abortion?


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