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How do you think the gender pay gap in sports reflects wider societal values and what does it suggest about the way we value women’s contributions in professional settings?

 @9LKJBZCDemocrat from Kentucky commented…1mo1MO

i like it and i think you should keep it cause i like to see whats going on in the world

 @9LL2BTG from Florida commented…1mo1MO

 @EnlightenedInd3p3ndentMountainfrom Illinois commented…1mo1MO

Her salary is comparatively low because very few people watch the WNBA. If you like basketball and want to see the pinnacle of basketball-related athleticism, you're not watching the WNBA. Most people don't choose recreational activities to make some half-baked social statement

 @Gr4ssrootCordialWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts disagreed…1mo1MO

I think that was true in the past, but the women's tournament, largely because of Clark, had the highest TV ratings ever (higher than the men's for most of the tournament!).

 @EnlightenedInd3p3ndentMountainfrom Illinois disagreed…1mo1MO

She has unique individual star power but that doesn’t change the fundamental inferiority of the WNBA for anyone who wants to see peak basketball athleticism


How does it feel to know top athletes like Caitlin Clark make significantly less than their counterparts in other professional sports, despite similar levels of dedication and effort?

 @9LL29J5Republican from Georgia commented…1mo1MO

I believe that athletes such as Caitlyn should be making a lot more money.


If you had the power to change the pay scale in women's sports, how would you address the salary disparity and what factors would you consider to ensure fairness?


Would you feel motivated to pursue a career in a field where you knew you'd be earning less than others with comparable skills and effort, as seen in the WNBA's salary structure?


What message does the low salary in the WNBA send to young girls and boys who dream of becoming professional athletes, and how might this influence their aspirations?

 @FondK3ynesianPatriot from Wisconsin commented…1mo1MO

The business she works for loses money every year. So I’d say it’s a fair wage for working roughly less than half a year.

 @QuailClaireLibertarian from Texas commented…1mo1MO

WNBA contracts are not even bad once you consider these factors

- They only play for 3 months

- The league is basically on child support from the NBA & they don’t make money

A minimum contract being 75K is actually extremely good they can hoop elsewhere or do other things

 @L3gis1ativeMothForward from Pennsylvania commented…1mo1MO

She’s a great player but no one watches the WNBA. So that seems like a fair salary for playing basketball for a living.


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