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New US review says 2021 Kabul attack not preventable

WASHINGTON: A 2021 suicide bombing in Kabul that killed scores of people – among them 13 American troops – could


Pentagon Reviews Events Before Attack That Killed 13 U.S. Troops in Kabul

A team conducted new interviews to address lingering questions about the bombing in the final days of U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan.


Does knowing the challenges and chaos faced by troops change your perspective on the decisions made during critical moments?

 @D3b4t3EliAnti-War from Texas commented…1mo1MO

This Pentagon report just adds to the heartbreak, showing the chaos and the real human cost of wars that seem to have no clear end or purpose. It's a stark reminder of why we need to push harder for peaceful resolutions and question our involvement in such conflicts. Every time I read about incidents like the Kabul airport bombing, it just strengthens my belief that there has to be a better way to solve conflicts than putting young lives in harm's way.

 @F4irTradeEggsLibertarian from Massachusetts commented…1mo1MO

It's tragic to see the chaos and loss of life detailed in the Pentagon's review of the Kabul airport bombing, underscoring the need for a more restrained foreign policy and caution in military engagements abroad. This incident highlights the unpredictable nature of such interventions and the importance of prioritizing the safety and rights of individuals, both American and Afghan, over prolonged military involvement.


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