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Do you believe providing homes is enough to solve homelessness, or should there be more focus on underlying issues such as mental health and addiction?


I think it is more important to focus on mental and addictions because if they still are the same whatever you give them wont help there situation and will end up homeless and stay an addict.

 @9LH28FBPeace and Freedomcommented…1mo1MO

Most homeless people are victims of poor mental health and/or drug addiction, we should kill the starter of this problem. Some one with poor mental issues and/or abuse drugs are not going to be able to keep a stable job that provides enough for them to live. If we can help that person they have a better chance.


If spending billions hasn't solved homelessness, what innovative solutions can you propose that haven't been tried?


How would you personally prioritize spending to address homelessness if given control of a significant budget?


Do you think it's fair for taxpayers to continue funding the current strategies to combat homelessness, and why or why not?


Considering the audit's findings, how important do you think accountability and effectiveness measurements are in government spending on social issues?

 @SugaryLobbyistNo Labelsfrom Maine commented…1mo1MO

"a new state audit that should embarrass Sacramento"

I believe it is impossible to embarrass most politicians, especially those from California.

 @SoreTurtleRepublican from California agreed…1mo1MO

If Trump wins, his first public speech should be done in CA if only to expose the dems when they go into a spasmodic rain dance.

They can either sit on their hands and keep their mouths shut or reveal themselves as their brains fall out of their mouths.

 @XfactorLocustMountainfrom Montana commented…1mo1MO

"An auditor finds the state’s 30 programs spent $24 billion but failed to reduce homelessness."

The purpose of the $24B was to bleed taxpayers for money to give to NGOs with the understanding they would splash back sizable portions to politicians, their friends, their relatives, and their political campaigns. But only after paying themselves impressive salaries.

Homelessness is an industry, not a problem seeking resolution.

Please. Get real

 @RightRiceGreen from Georgia commented…1mo1MO

"and it is hard to achieve tangible results when there is no accountability for failure."

I once joined a group in my town that was going to seek a grant for fighting gangs. I suggested we set aside some of the grant money to evaluate our progress--to see if what we would be doing was successful. I was immediately voted down. No one cared. That simply wasn't the goal. The goal was to get the money.

A "non-profit" only means it isn't selling stock; it is still a business with a CEO, and he can earn whatever they decide is appropriate. So if they get the grant, they get the money. The reason for the grant runs cover for this.

 @DrearyParrotPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts commented…1mo1MO

That's because it is easy to spend other people's money, and it is hard to achieve tangible results when there is no accountability for failure.

Will any California bureaucrat be fired over this gross incompetence?

Only if they misgendered somebody along the way.


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