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Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough dies at age 73…

Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough has died at 73 years old, several Chicago-area media outlets have reported. Yarbrough's top communications aide confirmed she died Sunday, according to ABC 7.


What does the passing of a local political figure like Karen Yarbrough reveal about the importance of local politics in our lives?


Considering Karen Yarbrough's efforts to ban the death penalty, what change would you want to champion in your community or beyond?


How do you feel about the impact one person can have on political and social change, reflecting on Karen Yarbrough's contributions?

 @PridefulSnail from Illinois commented…2mos2MO

Karen Yarbrough's passing is a huge loss; her relentless efforts for reform and justice have left an indelible mark that will be sorely missed in our fight for a better future.