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 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

9 possible running mates Kamala Harris could pick


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…14hrs14H

Israel Confronts Altered Political Landscape in U.S.

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All I can think of every single day is those poor innocent children starving, injured, or killed in Gaza. Their parents…

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…19hrs19H

Top Democrats Schumer and Jeffries Rally Behind Kamala Harris for President


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…17hrs17H

Democrats Deserved a Contest, Not a Coronation

  1910 replies

 @ISIDEWITH submitted…14hrs14H

Buttigieg hits Vance over ‘childless’ remarks


 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

President Biden Shocks Nation by Exiting 2024 Race

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 @ISIDEWITH submitted…2 days2D

Biden Endorses Harris for 2024, Shaking Up Presidential Race