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How do you feel about the idea of boycotting products from a country as a response to political decisions made by its leaders?

 @9L88GSGWomen’s Equality from Minnesota commented…2mos2MO

 @9L87B3L from North Carolina commented…2mos2MO

I think that boycotting does help amplify peoples voices and shows that the people don't agree with what may be occurring and I think overall it could affect how political decisions are made if the country is a true democracy.

 @9L86KPD from Illinois commented…2mos2MO

 @9L7X47PConstitution from California answered…2mos2MO


Should the Olympics stay completely neutral, or is it important to take stands on global issues?

 @9HD39KQIndependence  from Nevada commented…2mos2MO

I believe the Olympics should remain neutral in global affairs. I believe the Olympics represents a place where the best of the best of people from different countries come together and compete regardless of current geo politics.

 @9L87V2V from Florida commented…2mos2MO

 @9L7V8V4 from Hawaii commented…2mos2MO


Do you believe politics should influence who is allowed to participate in international sporting events like the Olympics?