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 @C1v1cWalrusLibertarian from Illinois commented…4mos4MO

 @LyingChameleonGreen from California commented…4mos4MO

UPS employs approximately 300k employees with a new PT avg wage of $21 per/hr. They are cutting 4% of total head count. Most are part time employees working 20 hrs a week, so an estimated $250M recoup of pay increases.

 @LibertarianVicuna from Minnesota commented…4mos4MO

Every logistics company has a lot of fat to cut. For every successful driver you have 5 college graduates creating “engagement” or “safety” programs to justify their salary, only to make actually getting packages delivered harder.

 @LobbyistMackerelRepublicanfrom Florida commented…4mos4MO

Who would ever guess that raising wages without increasing profits by the same % would mean being able to pay fewer workers?

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…4mos4MO

This is what I want every American to know – labor unions kill jobs. Although, in this instance, I'm glad to see people fired – the Post Office needs to be privatised.

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 @9JHSWVZ from New Jersey commented…4mos4MO

many people will be getting fired and it’s not fair to just lose your job over something you can’t control

 @9JHS7SS from Louisiana commented…4mos4MO

Life can be hard right now and the money can help so it would be interesting

 @9JHQ3TC from Georgia commented…4mos4MO

They have to make up the money somehow; UPS is competing with FedEx with their rates. In order to stay in business they can only increase rates to the consumer by so much. By reducing the workforce they can make up some of the funds to pay others more.

 @9JHWMZPWomen’s Equality from North Carolina commented…4mos4MO

Because the corporation is increasing pay but reducing workers, making the demand worse on the workforce and ultimately saving money in the amount of benefits they have to offer.

 @9JHRDH6 from Nevada commented…4mos4MO

 @LionPiperRepublican from Pennsylvania commented…4mos4MO

lol, prior to Christmas rush, we need you, here is a $150k to drive a truck and make deliveries. After rush, thanks but now you are too expensive. Collective bargaining never brags about these outcomes.

 @9JHS4DL from Georgia commented…4mos4MO


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