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 @9HVGBDJ from Nebraska answered…5mos5MO

I think it depends on the method of protest, reasoning, and public response.

 @9HVDFMJ from New York answered…5mos5MO

Social activism inspires me to act because it ignites a sense of purpose and empowers me to make a difference. Witnessing individuals and communities come together to fight for justice, equality, and positive change fills me with hope and motivates me to take action. Seeing the collective power of passionate individuals advocating for a better world reminds me that even small actions can have a significant impact. It stirs a fire within me to raise my voice, stand up for what I believe in, and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society. Social activism reminds me that change is possible, and that by joining forces, we can create a better future for all.

 @9HVFWS3 from New York commented…5mos5MO

I'm an optimist in a lot of situations, so this resonates with me a little more.

 @9HV7M3N from North Carolina answered…5mos5MO

I think the best course of action is hearing the protestors points, doing your own research, and once properly educated by reliable sources, form a full opinion and try to have reasonable discussion with anyone who challenges you on it. we should all be capable of calm, civil conversation.

 @9HVBSBG from New York answered…5mos5MO

I don’t necessarily feel compelled to act, but I do look into what is being protested and create my own opinions

 @9HVC2SZ from Utah answered…5mos5MO

Yes I am inspired to act. For me that would be things such as peaceful protests and petitions.

 @9HYDHM7 from California answered…4mos4MO

no most protest are because people lack common sense and do not understand everything going on. protests just cause more problems unless it truly is for the right reason

 @9J24W5N from Florida answered…4mos4MO

If it's the kind of protests that block traffic, burns buildings, and puts people on both sides in harm, then I don't support it.

 @9HZGSBWNatural Law from Washington answered…4mos4MO

I believe people should be allowed to protest without resorting to violence which is hurting another person in any way that deems immoral. The moment a person wants to act senseless may those people or individuals be met with the force they apply. Protests should be peaceful overall with others allowing to say what they want without retaliation or foul play towards them but I would encourage those wanting to protest to think before you act. If you knock on a house door eventually someone will be home and will answer it! However be prepared for that home-owners response and reaction!

 @9J2242SWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…4mos4MO

It depends for me what type of protests are going around. Some would inspire me to act but other protests could make me uncomfortable.

 @9HYGZ8LIndependent from Georgia answered…4mos4MO

I believe that specific ways of social activism are good, but when violence is involved, it is not good.

 @9J2NSYC from Texas disagreed…4mos4MO

Violence is (1) sometimes staged or acted upon by a few bad apples and (2) can often challenge the government to take action. For example, the Black Panther Party took a violent role in encouraging racial equality.

 @9HY684J from Oklahoma answered…4mos4MO

Depending on the protest, sometimes I do feel inspired while other times I don't want to support the issue at all due to violence. When its done peacefully and for the right reasons, I can support it and nod my head in proval, but the moment it turns violent or not for the right reason then my opinion is subjected to change.

 @9HZFDZSfrom Guam answered…4mos4MO

People protest about various social issues such as racial injustice, gender inequality, LGBTQ+ rights, climate change, police brutality, immigration policies, and economic inequality. These are just a few examples, and there are many more causes that people feel passionate about.
Protests play a crucial role in creating awareness about climate change by bringing attention to the urgency of the issue. They help to amplify the voices of activists, scientists, and concerned citizens who are advocating for environmental action. Protests can generate media coverage, spark conversations, and put…  Read more

 @9HY8QCJ from Texas answered…4mos4MO

As long as the act in question IS spreading the word WITHOUT any form of obstruction in the public or disturbing the peace, such as stopping roads or destroying paintings, then that party should be able to voice their opinions.


They need to get over themselves. When they try to prove a point by violence they just make things worse.

 @9HXDQPP from Florida commented…4mos4MO

They do not need to get over themselves, but yes, violence is neverthe answer

 @9HY4QPF from Texas agreed…4mos4MO

When I view things on the news and I feel an attachment to the topic I try my best to see other peoples POV to see if I am making the right decision and if my thoughts are similar to theirs or why I agree of disagree with their opinion.

 @9HV99VG from Alabama answered…5mos5MO

It really depends on what they are protesting for some things are worth it and others not.

 @9HXJJDV from Ohio answered…4mos4MO

depending the situation, if it is aggressive and destroying things im against it but if its peaceful and moving I agree with it

 @9HW8DHY from Tennessee answered…4mos4MO

In some cases of peaceful protest for issues I agree on I feel inspired to act, but if riots become violent and cause chaos in communities it makes me feel ashamed of U.S. citizens.

 @9HXDH8BSocialist from Indiana disagreed…4mos4MO

Peaceful protesting does not work all the time, while protests can be peaceful, you can't always ask for justice peacefully from the governors.

 @9HZBX5D  from California answered…4mos4MO

I like peaceful protests, and for a good cause, it makes me feel like people really do try to make a difference but without violence, because violence in differences is just more war.


I don't feel like I need to act on it but I don't mind them as long as they are not harmful.

 @9HYBQJXPeace and Freedom from California answered…4mos4MO

It depends on the act of protesting, I do not feel inspired to act if they are protesting in places where it is blocking non-involvements but I do feel inspired if they do it right and in the place they need to protest.

 @9HZ3HLQ from Tennessee answered…4mos4MO

I do often feel inspired to act, but I don't take as much action as I feel like I should. I've attended some protests, read articles on issues that I don't find myself familiar with, and recently registered to vote.

 @9J5C5M8 from Arkansas disagreed…4mos4MO

I don't believe protests ever inspire much change or are in general good for the state of the issues. Issues responded to with protests should be handled on a local level rather than national.

 @9HZ8Q4T from Ohio disagreed…4mos4MO

I think many protests are either poorly organised; has a vague or inconsistent objective; or, most commonly, escalates to general violence or blind discontent. I would not attend a protest, but I do keep myself informed on protests and make a point of understanding their hardships and objectives.

 @9HVCK22 from Minnesota answered…5mos5MO

Generally don't feel inspired to join a protest, but will donate money to a cause.

 @9HV7S79 from Georgia answered…5mos5MO

Social Activism especially during these years have good intentions but are not in they way they move. Usually the movements are incompetent and don't have lasting effects on government but with movements like BLM they have been used against the people and society has been more tense and refusing of hearing others.

 @9HZ7KYX from South Carolina answered…4mos4MO

It depends on what the protest is before but I have never participated in a protest before.

 @9HZ45ST from Tennessee answered…4mos4MO

I typically don't feel inspired to act. Protests in this day and age typically don't work very well and most of the time they are done in the wrong ways to actually get their point across.

 @9HVRBYG from New Jersey answered…5mos5MO

When I hear about it, I look at it as people who are passionate about something that doesn't get enough spotlight.

 @9HW25PJ  from Texas answered…4mos4MO

It does not inspire me. Lately, protests have included damage of property and the disturbance of peace which cannot be defended by the constitution.

 @9HYBLFVPeace and Freedom from California answered…4mos4MO

 @9HVHTLF from Kentucky answered…5mos5MO

I believe social activism is an efficient way to make a change, but for my part in that I will usually pick a side but not really get involved other than saying what side I agree with if asked.


I feel a little hope for humanity.
Someone cares. Someone’s trying to help, even if it’s just speaking up.

 @9HW6C5J from Wisconsin agreed…4mos4MO

I think when I see people standing up for what they believe in I want to leave my mark as well with what I believe in

 @9HW94PVGreen from Georgia agreed…4mos4MO

Protests over climate change, abortion, human rights, etc. Makes me feel like someone wants to protect me.

 @9HVFDK8 from Wisconsin answered…5mos5MO

I do feel inspired when I see protests on the news, It shows these brave people going out and stadning for what they believe in.

 @9HWB692Peace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…4mos4MO

I feel like it is useless because in the end bigger actions are going to stop those problems.

 @9HW5WH6 from Nevada answered…4mos4MO

They are interesting because it's what we've done for years. We hear something is wrong and we fight to make it right.

 @9HZMSTF from Georgia answered…4mos4MO

Social Activism does inspire me to act and work towards a change for the community. Seeing protests in the news makes me want to do more and educate myself on these issues in hopes for a greater outcome.

 @9HZ97LD from Texas answered…4mos4MO

I think it depends on the method of protest, reasoning, and public response.

 @9HWGP6KProgressive from California answered…4mos4MO

I do feel inspired and I see that protests do work. Although it doesn't always feel like it because it takes time for things to have an effect.

 @9HY526G from North Carolina answered…4mos4MO

When I hear about protests in the news, I do not feel inspired to act, and it does not look like something I currently have the ability to do.

 @9HYT634 from Vermont disagreed…4mos4MO

Everybody can act, whether by not buying something, unionizing, agitating, striking, or just posting about it online, everyone can do something.

 @9HZB4WF from California answered…4mos4MO

I do feel inspired to act, but at the same time I feel hopeless that our country has to go through reform when it should be the bare minimum.

 @9HZ6ZXG from Maryland answered…4mos4MO

When i see protest I do feel inspired to act even in small ways. That looks like share what you're fighting for and why to the people around you.

 @9HZDLJX from Missouri answered…4mos4MO

Protests shouldn't be the end of it, if people are being denied rights it's up to them to take them back. Our government was built on John Locke's philosophy, if a government is corrupt it's the citizens' duty to abolish it and start from a blank slate


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