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@9GRPX8VLibertarian from North Carolina answered…8mos

@9GQHQJXDemocrat from North Carolina answered…8mos

Depends on where they were apprehended and under what circumstances.
1. If apprehended not on US Soil during a named Military Campaign, then they should be held as Prisoners of War under the Geneva Convention and released upon ending the war.
2. If apprehended not on US Soil with the foreign Government's approval, they should be tried under the laws of the Country they were apprehended unless extradition applies. Then they should be tried under US Law.
3. If apprehended on US Soil, they are subject to US Laws and should be tried according to the US Laws, but treated humanely and given constitutional rights.

@9GQ94VQDemocrat from California answered…8mos

No, they are technically not U.S. citizens but they should be given a fair trial.

@9GQ7JVDDemocrat from Florida answered…8mos

Yes, Bad Question, The constitution doesn’t “give” rights it restricts government. So the government can’t break their laws because someone’s a terrorist

@9GQ6KZLDemocrat from North Carolina answered…8mos

no because they are not citizens but basic human rights should be respected and acknowledged

@9GQ6JGNRepublican from Arizona answered…8mos

Yes but after they have gone through a background check and are in due process of citizenship. But no because they are not a citizen.

@9GQ4MJDWorking Family from Missouri answered…8mos

They shouldn't be granted the same rights as an American citizen, but they should at least be granted their basic human rights.

@9GQ3T3LWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…8mos

They should be tried under UN judiciary standards. They are not US citizens and therefore are not protected under the constitution

@9GQ24BMWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…8mos

No opinion, for I don't have the info or knowledge of first hand terrorists

@9GPZ4Q5Republican from West Virginia answered…8mos

I feel they should be tried and be innocent until proven guilty.

@Daedalus1799Libertarian from Texas answered…8mos

No, they are not U.S. citizens and do not have constitutional rights, but they have human rights that must be honored.

@9GPQ5ZKLibertarian from Maryland answered…8mos

Unless they are caught on U.S. soil than try them in a court of law, if on the battlefield than try them in military tribunals

@9GPGNQQWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…8mos

No, they should just be deported back to their country of origin

@9GPC63GTranshumanist from Florida answered…8mos

No, they're not US citizens and do not have US constitutional right but do deserve a fair trial

@9GP84QXPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…8mos

They should be given constitutional rights until proven to be terrorists or aiding terrorists.

@9GP6YT2American Solidarity from Missouri answered…8mos

@9GP43G5Democrat from Nebraska answered…8mos

no they should have a background search conducted to see if they should be able to

@9GNTYDMTranshumanist from Florida answered…8mos

Terrorism (violence), in any form, in any country, under any circumstances, is unacceptable and should be condemned. No religion, ideal or manifesto should be able to be utilized as a crutch to justify violence against another human being.

@9GNNVLBVeteran from Virginia answered…8mos

I think they should be shot and dumped in the ocean like Osama

@9GNMGHWDemocrat from Maine answered…8mos

@9GNLWSJSocialist from California answered…8mos

Should be given basic human rights, but not US citizenship until tried.

@9GNLGMZVeteran from North Carolina answered…8mos

Constitution does state everyone is created equal. But if they are 100% guilty of being a terrorist then strip them from all their rights.

@9GN8BT4Constitution from Ohio answered…8mos

It is not a blanket statement. Some are extended to everyone in the world, some are not.

@9GN87XXLibertarian from Georgia answered…8mos

Yes, and they should be tried in military tribunals but not subject to torture

@9GN7DBQTranshumanist from Maryland answered…8mos

No. But they should be given human rights and treated in a way in accordance with UN convention.

@9GMSPQTRepublican from Texas answered…8mos

They are no citizens, second if the court finds them guilty they still get no rights

@9GMRG43American from California answered…8mos

They should be subject to imprisonment until a fair trial and treated humanely and in accordance with the Geneva Convention as POWs until the trial and subsequent punishment.

@9GMMQ63Democratfrom Pennsylvania  answered…8mos

@9GMMFC7Transhumanist from California answered…8mos

As they are not citizens, so maybe not all rights are applied, but they still deserve basic human rights.

@9GMLQ3WPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…8mos

I believe everyone deserves a fair trial but if anything they should be more cautions

@9GMHP4BIndependent from Utah answered…8mos

Yes, but mostly so we can try to get whatever information out of them. If they even choose comply under our laws, which they might not.

@9GMHGHLDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…8mos

Portions of the Constitution are only applicable to citizens, legally. However, the reason those rights are afforded to our citizens is because they are the right and equitable thing to do and we should do them, regardless of citizenship

@9GM98XPWomen’s Equality from Virginia answered…8mos

Yes, give them a fair trial as you would some American citizens.

@9GM4LGXPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…8mos

Not constitutional rights, however they deserve basic human rights.

@9GLWK4WTranshumanist from New Hampshire answered…8mos

they should be given limited rights since they are not a US citizens.

@9GLW2T3Democrat from Michigan answered…8mos

@9GLSB8QTranshumanist from Texas answered…8mos


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