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When faced with a controversial issue, how do you weigh the perspectives of tradition and innovation?

 @9KT8FVV from California answered…3mos3MO

It is important to look at our history of success and methods that have worked. When people can find a common ground that lasts, people can unify. However you must consider the alternatives and progressive options and weigh them against the old.

 @9KTJSQGProgressive from New York disagreed…3mos3MO

Tradition is wrong 99% of the time. Tradition has a history of systemic inequality for literally all groups who are not straight white dudes. Just because we did it in the past does not make it good considering the US's history of war crimes, injustices and oppression. Unity is not needed, just because 30% of the population believes something does not make it correct or true. We can put effort into trying to convice them but after a certain point some people are just unreachable. In the case of things like climate change, deniers are in the vast minority and are just flatty wrong. If at this point they are still deniers no amount of effort will change that. Pushing for consensus here means no progress is ever made despite most people wanting change.

 @9KT7ZHD from Minnesota answered…3mos3MO

I would look at tradition and see the outcomes on the topic and if it needs to change then find ways to innovate otherwise leave it

 @9KYFS92 from Colorado agreed…2mos2MO

provides a quantitative, objective, and persuasive platform on which to base an argument, prove a claim, or support an idea. Before a set of statistics can be used, however, it must be made understandable by people who are not familiar with statistics.

 @9KT7VFW from California answered…3mos3MO

For any economic, domestic policy or foreign policy decisions, stick to the constitution. For culture related issues, the government should have no say.

 @9KT7DPD from Utah answered…3mos3MO

I think I go based off what I know and I also try to understand what the person is coming from.


Do you feel that traditional values in your life are under threat by modernity, and how does this make you feel?

 @9K73PYG from California answered…3mos3MO

Yes, I am not a fan of more liberal movements such as LGBTQ especially. The concept of switching genders is unnatural, plus the operation has countless health risks in the long run. In addition to psychological problems gvwhen you pressure these ideologies onto young children.


Yes, it makes me feel like we're losing our sense of value within our community.

 @9HCZV9PGreen from Utah answered…6mos6MO

I feel that traditional values must change to adapt to our changing culture. Conservative beliefs and values are often discriminatory and cause so much hate and hurt minorities. The government must throw tradition out the window to be an effective government.

 @9HCZT7H from New York answered…6mos6MO

No. The world moves on and we need to get better. We need to address areas where we can improve.


Why might someone of your generation choose to uphold values from an older generation?

 @9KSL9XK from Texas answered…3mos3MO

Because of the environment, they were raised in and it upholds the values expressed in one's family.

 @9KSD45WGreen from Missouri answered…3mos3MO

 @9KSCV6Z from Georgia answered…3mos3MO

 @9KSD58Z from California answered…3mos3MO

I think that people from my generation might choose to uphold values from the older generation since they re wiser then us


How do you approach the idea that some traditions may perpetuate inequality, and does this affect your stance on conservatism?

 @9H9J2DWDemocrat from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

Something that has always been incredibly important to me is equality between people regardless of who they are, what they look like, etc. I tend to stay away from conservatism in a lot of matters because I don’t like some of the ideas that it promotes and I don’t feel that it adequately covers all my opinions.

 @9H9HPQR from New Mexico answered…6mos6MO

Conservatism is very old and traditional and doesn’t fit with today but to each its own.

 @9H9GH3Z from Connecticut answered…6mos6MO

 @9H9HLMM from New York answered…6mos6MO

I **** ing hate conservatism and I am not the one to be asked.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…6mos6MO

While I do admire your articulate, manful, and polished prose and rhetorical brilliance, as well as your great admiration for upholding the integrity of our great language through refraining from dispensing profanities, I must lamentably disagree with you on this one issue. But still I would encourage to persist in acquainting yourself with the beauties of our language, that your already admirable skills in writing it may be all the more multiplied.


Can you describe how preserving a family recipe has connected you to your heritage?

 @9KV8WF8Republican from Florida answered…2mos2MO

  @9KRT2C5  from Oregon answered…2mos2MO

 @9KV98QQ from California answered…2mos2MO

Through the preservation of our family recipe we were able to understand the significance of each ingredient and the origins of it


If society's traditions conflict with modern values, should they be preserved or reevaluated?

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas answered…6mos6MO

Traditions are worthless on their own. If a tradition conflicts with modern values, then that tradition should absolutely be reevaluated, at the minimum.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington disagreed…6mos6MO

I strongly disagree with you. Traditional values like hard work, the nuclear family, Christianity, patriotism, and respect for veterans are highly beneficial for society. If we ditch or "absolutely ... reevaluate" traditions when they conflict with modern values, we lose all the wisdom of the past and embrace the constantly-evolving, fickle dictates of fashionable opinion without regard to civic virtue or common sense. This is dangerous and must be stopped.

 @SmithDylanfrom Maine answered…6mos6MO

Reevaluated, Traditions that are inherently wrong shouldn't stick around. Just because it's traditional doesn't mean it's right, just, or good for the world.


Can you describe a historical event where conservative principles played a positive role, and how does that resonate with you?

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington answered…4mos4MO

The American Revolution – because of the conservative and Christian spirit of our Founders, the Revolution was not the bloody Reign of Terror suffered in the French by the Jacobins, and did not lapse into a tyrannical dictatorship, as Napoleon led France into, but rather became the freest and greatest nation in the history of the world.

 @9HYHQWDfrom Maine answered…5mos5MO

The well being of the american tradition and spirit during the 1900 hundreds.

 @9HYHRWYLibertarian  from Georgia answered…5mos5MO


When have you chosen a conservative approach over a more modern one due to personal or family values?

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington answered…4mos4MO

When I refused to use the so-called "pronouns" of a man who thought he was a woman, and watched his face turn red as a tomato

 @9HWFZ96 from Colorado answered…5mos5MO

I am a more conservative man, and I do take action not just in politics, but in everyday life to be more conservative with energy, money, and opinions.

 @9HWG223Republican from Utah answered…5mos5MO


How do you perceive the role of family traditions in shaping your identity and values?

 @9HYHFV3 from Mississippi answered…5mos5MO

i feel like family tradition is kind bad because when you growing up they think you going to be just like them/

 @9HYHCMR from Delaware answered…5mos5MO

Family traditions have a very large part in shaping my identities and values.


Is there a particular tradition you would fight to preserve—why does it matter so much to you?

 @9HNGYSN from Louisiana answered…5mos5MO

Conservatism believes in protecting and upholding existing institutions and systems.

 @9HNGSSZfrom Maine answered…5mos5MO

A functional society. Every institution has declined in my lifetime in the name of progress.


Do you think the desire for social stability can sometimes hinder necessary progress, and why?

 @9K948JJ from Florida answered…3mos3MO

 @9K947VP from Illinois answered…3mos3MO

I think America should be focused on its citizens and further their own power only to help other countries when they will pay back or when not helping them would give us an enemy.


How does the concept of 'cultural preservation' sit with you in an increasingly digital age?


What tradition from your childhood do you wish to pass on, and why does it hold special meaning for you?


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