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@Yes_AntoonIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Yes, invest more in transportation (buses, high speed rail, taxis, trolleys, etc.) that are easily accessible for everyone, environmental friendly, affordable, and comfortable

@9XM32G5Republican from Illinois answered…3 days

We should reduce spending and eliminate wasteful spending in this process. Public Transportation should be making a profit to support itself.

@9X9D54CRepublican from South Carolina answered…2wks

no we don't have the money for our current budget we need to cut spending not add more

@9X9CVB3Republican from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, but only apply to lower-income areas or areas where public transportation is used frequently.

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…2wks

Yes, but update it to be environmentally friendly and free.

@9X32BJKVeteran from California answered…3wks

Neither increase nor decrease, but redirect it to better transport options(ie. more environmentally friendly)

@9X25MG7Republican from California answered…3wks

Add some public transportation but charge enough to level the pay

@9X2464YSocialist from Virginia answered…3wks

I feel as though everyone should be able to work and pay for what they want some prefer taking the bus, some prefer driving but if the people want a better but just vote on it I guess, or have a petition eventually it'll make it to someone important.

@9WZRGXGWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…3wks

@9WZQJR3Working Family from North Carolina answered…3wks

@9WYR9RXWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…4wks

i say yes and no because we already spend alot of money but that is beacuse we have so mnay people in thsi world

@9WY9895Constitution from California answered…4wks

Yes but only if they're actually doing what they say they will with the money

@9WXRNTQWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…4wks

Depending on local economy and stance of the community, the funding should go where its needed.

@9WW8KQTTranshumanist from Florida answered…4wks

@Dominic-R.Women’s Equality from Florida answered…4wks

The amount of funding should be determined state-by-state depending on their needs, geography, and local resources or lackthereof.

@9WT8ZVBPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…4wks

Increase spending in low income areas. Free public transport for areas that actually need it.

@9WR9ZV7Constitution from Montana answered…1mo

@9WMW459Constitution from Washington answered…1mo

@9WJB56VAmerican Solidarity from Kentucky answered…1mo

I think the government is spending the right amount on public transportation

@9WFPDW6Libertarian from Vermont answered…1mo

@9WD2VJ3Democrat from Colorado answered…1mo

Yes, if it goes towards environmentally friendly transportation. Also we need to set up a national bullet train system

@9WBPBVKPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1mo

@9W9DLNMDemocrat from California answered…2mos

Yes, buses, trains and the like are very efficient in regards to size to amount of people it can fit ratio and therefore less dangerous to the environment and climate.

@9W82M26Women’s Equality from Missouri answered…2mos

yes it should go to free public transportation or should go fund more greener options

@9W7ND8QPeace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…2mos

@9W788Q4Republican from Utah answered…2mos

@9W6W3VBGreen from California answered…2mos

I'm in the dark in regards to the current state of public transportation to have an answer.

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…2mos

Yes, but only if the spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions also we should provide more free public transportation but also privatize more public transportation services.

@9W6CXYQRepublican from Florida answered…2mos

Local public transportation should be funded locally and/or by the states, not the federal government.

@9W56FX4Transhumanist from Ohio answered…2mos

Well, (and this is just in my opinion) but I think that we could possibly increase public transport spending just a little bit in order to create more transportation for people like the poor and disabled to have more access to get from place to place faster, however, I think the transportation created should not be using any gasoline or any environmentally harmful substances. Also, I like the idea that the spending should also go to create environmentally friendly solutions so we can all (riding the transportations such as buses) decrease our carbon footprints!!!!!

@9W3846MPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2mos

As a former new yorker YES YES YES the MTA in NYC is so run down and underfunded, there are so many structures in the subways that need to be fixed and modernized as well as the train themselves. the money should also go towards the major rat and cleanliness problem as well as fixing the train tracks (a lot of the tracks in NYC need constant maintenance cuz theyre so old and they always cause delays) however on top of that transportation should be modernized in a way that betters the enviroment, for example all electric trains everywhere etc. the MTA especially has to stop using funds to build anti homeless structures

@9W28JYLLibertarian from Ohio answered…2mos

@9VZYKBJVeteran from Alabama answered…2mos

No. Public transportation is unsustainable for the entire country and only benefits large cities due to the size of the country.

@9VXZV7BWorking Family from California answered…2mos

We should spend more investing in changing what types of energy and transportation are being developed regardless if its public or private.

@9VVYL9VRepublican from Colorado answered…2mos

@9VTRGFKRepublican from Georgia answered…2mos

yes, unless it is used for getting rid of gas and having electrical transportation.

@9VTCVK5Constitution from California answered…2mos

I agree with this if it helps people be able to get jobs by having a way for people to get a ride to work. However, I will not agree if it is completely free for other people because it will increase taxes.

@9VT43XTConstitution from Texas answered…2mos


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