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 @9GHKL2Z from Virginia agreed…1mo1MO

I believe that the public transportation should be lowered. Because the people who work in Transportation still need to make money

 @9GQPJDQRepublican from North Carolina agreed…1mo1MO

I think public transportation should be free to some people. I say this because for people who can't afford public transportation should be allowed to be free and people can pay should pay the amount for the transportation.

 @9GFSR2LPeace and Freedom from Connecticut agreed…2mos2MO

Providing public transportation for everyone could lead to public transportation being over crowded.

 @9G6N7LM from California agreed…2mos2MO

The people that are driving/operating Public Transportation/s need to be paid with the time they're wasting.


i don't feel like we should provide free transportation i mean hell we are paying more taxes for everything at least they should something nice for us but no biden would rather drain us for our money

 @9GZ8MPH from Pennsylvania agreed…4wks4W

people should not have to pay for public transportation i feel it should be free or there should be none at all

 @9H3FPLY from Illinois agreed…3wks3W

People who don''t have a car or any other form of transportation struggle with money, and the free transportation will aid them in their travels.

 @9GY42Z7Peace and Freedomfrom Pennsylvania agreed…4wks4W

While the idea of free public transportation may seem appealing on the surface, it is important to carefully consider the potential financial implications, capacity constraints, and overall effectiveness of such a system in addressing broader transportation issues.

 @9GYF5N7 from Alabama agreed…4wks4W

The main type of transportation is public transportation. It is cheap, easy to use, and gets people where they need to be. Putting more money into something that is already in good condition would be a waste of money for something that we can use the money on for better.

 @9F7R3WQ from Connecticut agreed…3mos3MO

I believe that the public transportation should be lowered. Because the people who work in Transportation still need to make money

 @9FF5NQQ from Pennsylvania disagreed…3mos3MO

The government needs to fund transportation more because they're probably the most disgusting vehicles and train cars ever. Everything is so dirty and sometimes buses and trains break down.

 @9GYVMCH from Kansas agreed…4wks4W

We would be taking away from the driver's pay and if everyone just got their own form of transportation we could not have to lower the price of the public transportation.

  @VulcanMan6  from Kansas disagreed…4wks4W

Everyone having/needing their own means of transportation is literally the biggest part of the problem. That's why we need free public transportation: so that everyone doesn't need to rely on personal car ownership just to travel.

 @9H58MVCfrom Maine agreed…3wks3W

People tend to abuse things they have great access to in the sense that they use it continuously without a sense of knowing that theyre wasting public property.

 @9H3NT3R from Kansas agreed…3wks3W

Because if we dont allow it, it will movtivate people to strive for their goals instead of getting it handed to them and take advantage of the assistance.

 @9FL3V8Cfrom Maine agreed…3mos3MO

some people can't get jobs because they have no way to get places in time and this can get a lot more people jobs since they can actually get places

 @9FY6RG2Democrat from Georgia agreed…2mos2MO

Public transportation systems require massive investments in infrastructure, maintenance, and operation. Providing statistical comparisons between the costs of public transportation and alternative modes of transportation, like private vehicles or ridesharing services, can highlight the potential burden on taxpayers.

 @9FM3SM2Peace and Freedom from New Jersey agreed…2mos2MO

I agree with this statement because this can be another negative thing to drivers. You never know what they are going through that includes money issues. So with them being a transportation person who can spend a lot on their gas prices and such, it can be tiring. Another negative thing is by managing to stay awake all day, this can destroy their sleeping schedule and mentality. Therefore, I agree with this statement.

 @9FL5BZH from California agreed…3mos3MO

its different providing accessible transportation and ensuring the sustainability of public finances.

 @9GC5TYC from Missouri agreed…2mos2MO

1. Prices for housing is 24% higher in areas where public transportation is available
2. Percentage of people utilizing public transportation has steadily declined since 1960 with the exception of short growth in the previous decade
3. What are the alternatives if public transportation systems fail for the day or an extended period of time?

 @9FB649TPeace and Freedom from New York agreed…3mos3MO

the public transportation should be lowered but then again the people who work in Transportation still need to make money.


you are running away from your very abusive parents so you can be safe because your dad is a drug addict and your mom is has a drinking problem so you need to get away


The MTA is facing what has often been called a “fiscal cliff” as the agency uses up $15 billion in emergency federal aid to support operations during the pandemic, a sum officials have said could be exhausted by 2024, a year earlier than originally projected.


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