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Yes, this will protect the safety and rights of police officers and citizens

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, it should be a police department’s or officer’s choice to wear one

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@5J4LQMBfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

Yes!!! And if anyone fails to do what a man of the law says, like "stop, hands up, etc.", then the policeman has the lawful right to arrest you. If you try to shoot him, he can defend himself and shoot you. If you shoot a policeman, you should be arrested and the punishment should be you life's punishment, no exceptions, no parole.

@56WTPKPfrom Vermont  answered…2yrs

No, police should be retrained to deescalate high-tension situations and react to dangerous suspects with less lethal force. The reason a criminal isn't afraid to shoot a cop is the same reason a soldier isn't afraid to shoot his opponent in battle. If you threaten another person with death, expect them to fight like hell to kill you first. Furthermore, police accused of abusing their power should be tried as if they never had a badge in the first place. Murder is murder regardless of who kills who.

@5LDN8JLfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

Yes but they should be able to be activated by dispatch officers, not the police officer.

@4XYN4HZfrom Alabama  answered…2yrs

I believe that with the world we live in today, where a young man who actually committed two crimes (theft and beating a policeman until he had to go to the hospital) dies from being shot in self defense and he is the hero, it is absolutely 100% in the interest of the officer to wear this device. Generations struggled for equality and most did so under the non-violent protests and gatherings of Dr. King, Jr. Those courageous people did not suffer and bleed and March just for their grandchildren and great grandchildren could just throw down the race card and the start rioting and looting and

@5KX4BRQfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

All police should be re-trained to learn de-escalation techniques, etc. And if an officer uses excessive force at any time, they should be fired. We need a new approach to policing.

@57JJ5STfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Regardless, eliminate all tax-based police departments and allow the free market to provide police services

@97YDZPWRepublican from Iowa answered…6 days

Although it should be a police officer's choice to wear one, it would protect the safety and rights of police officers and citizens.

@97XGNXW from California answered…1wk

@gklewis83 from Kansas answered…1wk

No. However, should an officer be potential party to misconduct, they should be confined in jail until the truth of the matter clears them.

@97VV5B6Republican from Tennessee answered…2wks

Yes because it can teach new and upcoming officers how to handle situations better it is like film for football teams. You learn from their mistakes and can get rid of bad officers.

@97VRQ32 from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@97R9GJ7 from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

yes, because due to the problem with George Floyd so we can avoid more racial problem

@97PRTPY from Oklahoma answered…2wks

@97NRFSC answered…3wks

No, they should go through enough high-tech training that we should have full trust and they should be trustworthy.

@97NPKFN from Oregon answered…3wks

Make them wear the CGI suits while they're at it, I wanna see Thano's with a gun shooting some criminals.

@97MZP5QDemocrat from Kentucky answered…3wks

Yes and should be required to have them turned on whenever they interact with someone.

@97K6DMPLibertarian from Maryland answered…3wks

Yes, and courts and departments must not be allowed to hide footage. Transparency is necessary.

@97J7JWW from California answered…3wks

Yes, and it should be considered obstruction of justice if the officer willingly disables or tampers with it while on duty.

@97GZ98F from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

@97GT3VM from Arizona answered…3wks

Yes, but police departments should be prohibited from using facial recognition to create profiles for citizens.

@97GHGJK from Illinois answered…3wks

Yes, with the ability to shut it off. Officers need the leeway to inforce letter of the law as well as spirt of the law. Bad cops should be held to Justice by their own. I believe good cops will record the bad.

@97G5YYG from Massachusetts answered…3wks

@97G5X8S from Missouri answered…3wks

@97FCKWM from Texas answered…3wks

What about undercover ops? Uniformed officers are better with them

@97DSWC9 from Louisiana answered…3wks

Yes, and should also be required to be recording on the body camera at all times.

@Biamina from Indiana answered…3wks

Yes, this will protect the safety and rights of officers and citizens, but it’s not a perfect system, sometimes they are looking at something off camera, or their camera gets knocked off. Better solutions should also be implemented.

@97CN9JY from New York answered…3wks

No, a nation where patrols have cameras creates a surveillance state where everyones activities are recorded at all times.

@97CG3MJ from Washington answered…3wks

@97CCHBZ from Wisconsin answered…3wks

@97C2PG2Independent from Nevada answered…3wks

Yes, and back up all incoming footage from body cams so independent arbiters can view unedited footage in misconduct investigations

@97BPW69 from Montana answered…3wks

Yes, and there should be consequences for violations i.e., "losing footage," removing it, covering the lens, etc.,

@97BFSMT from Missouri answered…3wks

@979WVRS from Colorado answered…3wks

it should be provided and recommended for all officers, and required for any officer with multiple complaints of misconduct for a dept. decided length of time

@978JLKDReform from Michigan answered…3wks

No, not by federal law. This is yet another example of where the states should decide for themselves.

 @BalooUrizafrom Oklahoma  answered…3wks

No, it's a useless toy that is abused to increase police budgets.

@9788CYJRepublican from Tennessee answered…4wks

Maybe. Body cameras can certainly help prevent police brutality and even police officers falsely accused of brutality, but I worry also that body cams will put officers under undue pressure, thereby making them less effective at their jobs. I can see it from both sides.

@9787MHT from Nebraska answered…4wks

Yes, and a version of the footage, edited only to preserve the privacy of citizens on camera, should be made publicly available


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