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Yes, this will protect the safety and rights of police officers and citizens

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No, it should be a police department’s or officer’s choice to wear one

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@5J4LQMBfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

Yes!!! And if anyone fails to do what a man of the law says, like "stop, hands up, etc.", then the policeman has the lawful right to arrest you. If you try to shoot him, he can defend himself and shoot you. If you shoot a policeman, you should be arrested and the punishment should be you life's punishment, no exceptions, no parole.

@5LDN8JLfrom Georgia  answered…2yrs

Yes but they should be able to be activated by dispatch officers, not the police officer.

@56WTPKPfrom Vermont  answered…2yrs

No, police should be retrained to deescalate high-tension situations and react to dangerous suspects with less lethal force. The reason a criminal isn't afraid to shoot a cop is the same reason a soldier isn't afraid to shoot his opponent in battle. If you threaten another person with death, expect them to fight like hell to kill you first. Furthermore, police accused of abusing their power should be tried as if they never had a badge in the first place. Murder is murder regardless of who kills who.

@4XYN4HZfrom Alabama  answered…2yrs

I believe that with the world we live in today, where a young man who actually committed two crimes (theft and beating a policeman until he had to go to the hospital) dies from being shot in self defense and he is the hero, it is absolutely 100% in the interest of the officer to wear this device. Generations struggled for equality and most did so under the non-violent protests and gatherings of Dr. King, Jr. Those courageous people did not suffer and bleed and March just for their grandchildren and great grandchildren could just throw down the race card and the start rioting and looting and

@5KX4BRQfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

All police should be re-trained to learn de-escalation techniques, etc. And if an officer uses excessive force at any time, they should be fired. We need a new approach to policing.

@57JJ5STfrom Ohio  answered…2yrs

Regardless, eliminate all tax-based police departments and allow the free market to provide police services

@98YZ79R from Wisconsin answered…1 day

All police officers should wear a camera at all times and not have to ability to turn it off

@98XM3RTIndependent from Delaware answered…3 days

Yes, this will protect the rights of citizens, and will help prevent police brutality and discrimination.

@98VF5YR from Iowa answered…1wk

yes, it would help them in some bad situations they might find themselves in

@98TQ24G from Kentucky answered…1wk

@98TBJWL from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

@98Q87M8Socialist from South Carolina answered…2wks

Yes, and they shouldn't have the ability to turn them off themselves.

@98PGP39 from Colorado answered…3wks

Yes, to make sure the evidence is proof and make good videos to watch kind of.

@98P3YPNSocialist from Ohio answered…3wks

@98NDPGHAmerican Solidarity from Arizona answered…3wks

1984 but on the police. Keep em scared you know. You shouldn't have arrested God.

@98NGL9Z from California answered…3wks

Yes, and refusing to do so should be considered obstruction of justice

@98NF2NC from New York answered…3wks

@98NC8V3 from Pennsylvania answered…3wks

yes and it should be on at all times and the video has to go straight to the higher power so the officers cant lie and just kill people without any right

@98LQH8W from Wisconsin answered…3wks

@98LJKF3 from New York answered…4wks

No, but they should be encouraged to wear them by providing funding for departments willing to adapt this policy

@98JRLTYLibertarian from Connecticut answered…4wks

@98J8KN2 from Connecticut answered…1mo

@98J7VG9 from California answered…1mo

Yes, and missing footage or "malfunction" should be considered as evidence against the officer

@98H72M9 from New Mexico answered…1mo

Yes, and all footage of non-confidential information needs to be free public access.

@98GPHVW from Texas answered…1mo

@98GG9GX from Kentucky answered…1mo

@98G45QW from Wisconsin answered…1mo

@98FNKJ7 from Florida answered…1mo

Yes, and add penalties for turning them off or not maintaining them in working condition.

@98F87YN from Mississippi answered…2mos

@98CKJRR from Massachusetts answered…2mos

Yes, and they should not be allowed to turn them off, and should be treated with suspicion if they are obscured during any public incident.

@98BV6PB from Wisconsin answered…2mos

Yes, just for there protection and everybody elses protection as well

@98BNG6C from Iowa answered…2mos

Yes, and they should be required to release the unedited footage.

@84ZWD6LIndependent from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

Yes, but only at the federal level and local/state departments that receive federal funding. Let other states and local governments determine at their level

@988Q29R from New Hampshire answered…2mos

Yes, and they should be constantly recording while on the clock. There should be no choice in the matter as to when and what is or isn't being recorded.

@986M2M9 from Tennessee answered…2mos

yes, but the footage should not be made public unless there is an extreme situation

@985X8BVLibertarian from Illinois answered…2mos

No, and abolish the police and replace them with a private security organization.

@984BM5T from Washington answered…2mos

@983Z625 from New York answered…2mos

@97YDZPWRepublican from Iowa answered…2mos

Although it should be a police officer's choice to wear one, it would protect the safety and rights of police officers and citizens.

@97XGNXW from California answered…2mos

@gklewis83 from Kansas answered…3mos

No. However, should an officer be potential party to misconduct, they should be confined in jail until the truth of the matter clears them.


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