Yes, but only with full cooperation from the United Nations
No, we should not legitimize ISIS as a sovereign entity
Yes, but only with targeted airstrikes
No, we should stay out of Middle Eastern conflicts
Yes, and send in ground troops
No, not until they attack us on U.S. soil
Yes, ISIS already declared war on us and we must now defend ourselves
No, we can not declare war on ISIS because it is not a country

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Unique answers from America users whose views extended beyond the provided choices.

 @4YPYNSRfrom New Jersey answered…3yrs3Y

Islamic countries should lead a global coalition with Saudi Arabia and Iran spearheading under the UN must confront this, with active backing by the global powers.... Much like in WWII.

 @4YJ3633from Maryland answered…3yrs3Y

That would be an empty gesture, that further underscores the ridiculousness of the concept of "war" in the modern era. How's that war on drugs going? Did we ever win that war on obesity? Why do we need a "formal" declaration when we got drone strikes and economic warfare?

 @4VPKTM9from Massachusetts answered…3yrs3Y

This is a bogus question. You can only declare war on a country. Not an idea or belief system. That would be like decaring war on the kkk...

 @56P3T6Hfrom Pennsylvania answered…3yrs3Y

Yes send in troops city to city . So we can rebuild the modern Muslim communities

 @537XT5Qfrom Oklahoma answered…3yrs3Y

The only war we should fight is the one that uses congressmembers and their families at the front line, instead of letting chicken hawks sends other people's families to die.

 @5375NQ8from California answered…3yrs3Y

No, Isis isn't a place. You would have to declare war on a country. Which country is the only one with Isis? How many countries do we declare war on and how can we truly tell who are members of Isis and who aren't?

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