Yes, but start with a voluntary buyback and ban on purchasing assault weapons before enforcing a mandatory buyback
No, increase mental health and background checks instead
Yes, and we should also demilitarize local police departments
No, this is a violation of the 2nd amendment
No, it should be voluntary with strong financial incentives instead

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 @8GNZSYY from Texas answered…4yrs4Y

Yes because it is not needed. There should be an option to use assault weapons “for fun” in gun ranges after a background check and mental health check

 @8M7HMYP from Nebraska answered…4yrs4Y

A buyback would not be as effective as it was in other countries because of the large gun to person ratio here in the U.S.

 @8SH3HCL from Texas answered…3yrs3Y

 @8VD7KQTfrom Vermont answered…3yrs3Y

 @8FP3LHC from Missouri answered…4yrs4Y

No, but increase mental health and background checks, as well as provide strong financial incentives for those who choose to give their weapons voluntarily. Criminals who choose to give up unlawfully possessed weapons should be granted pardons for the simple illegal possession of the weapon, so long as they haven't committed any violent crimes using said weapon (to incentivize criminals giving up illegal weapons).Weapons training courses and licenses should be mandatory for anyone to own/possess a weapon in public spaces, just as a drivers test is required for any public driver, with harsh penalties provided to those possessing weapons in public without a license or some sort of certification. Anyone on private property, however, should have the legal right to possess and use a firearm at their own discretion without any requirements.

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