Yes, we should provide them weapons to defend themselves but not send our troops
No, we should pursue diplomatic options instead
Yes, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine threatens the balance of power in the region
No, we should stay out of conflicts that do not directly threaten us

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 @5FJCR9Zfrom Tennessee answered…4yrs4Y

Yes- we should outlaw major war by declaring "The next country to invade another we will turn to glass within 24 hours of their aggression. As the leading superpower we will not tolerate war- and any organization acting on behalf of a country or claiming to- will reduce that country's population to zero. Again- we WILL NOT tolerate war any longer. The age of peace has finally come to the earth. Be productive, and TRADE. IF you decide to fight, we will kill you. Simple decision.

 @57697SGfrom Missouri answered…4yrs4Y

Ukraine needs to sort itself out, first. Once they have a legitimate government in place, then we can help them. As it stands, the only reason we are there is to protect corporate interests, particularly those of members of the current Presidential administration.

 @575Z7FZfrom New York answered…4yrs4Y

Engage in diplomatic talks to ease tensions and rehabilitate the region so that all stake holders walk away with something to gain. It also ensures that the people in this region are saved from more bloodshed, have their own voices heard and can move on.

 @5759BSTfrom Michigan answered…4yrs4Y

 @5H4JKB2from Maine answered…4yrs4Y

No, and the US needs to honor the agreements made between Gorbechev and Reagan and stop agitating Russia for geopolitical reasons.

 @amadiosfrom California answered…4yrs4Y

The UN Security Counsel should decide if the use of force is appropriate

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