Yes, this will protect the safety and rights of police officers and citizens
No, it should be a police department’s or officer’s choice to wear one
Yes, but only for patrol officers in high crime areas

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See how importance of “Police Body Cameras” has changed over time for 7.6m America voters.

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 @5J4LQMBfrom Illinois answered…3yrs3Y

Yes!!! And if anyone fails to do what a man of the law says, like "stop, hands up, etc.", then the policeman has the lawful right to arrest you. If you try to shoot him, he can defend himself and shoot you. If you shoot a policeman, you should be arrested and the punishment should be you life's punishment, no exceptions, no parole.

 @5LDN8JLfrom Georgia answered…3yrs3Y

Yes but they should be able to be activated by dispatch officers, not the police officer.

 @56WTPKPfrom Vermont answered…3yrs3Y

No, police should be retrained to deescalate high-tension situations and react to dangerous suspects with less lethal force. The reason a criminal isn't afraid to shoot a cop is the same reason a soldier isn't afraid to shoot his opponent in battle. If you threaten another person with death, expect them to fight like hell to kill you first. Furthermore, police accused of abusing their power should be tried as if they never had a badge in the first place. Murder is murder regardless of who kills who.

 @8LXQB35 from Georgia answered…3yrs3Y

Yes, the cameras never lie. That would help keep officers out of prison and help a lot with the investigations.

 @57JJ5STfrom Ohio answered…3yrs3Y

Regardless, eliminate all tax-based police departments and allow the free market to provide police services

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