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@9RLBXVBVeteran from Wisconsin answered…2 days

@9H2D6LVWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…3mos

I feel that I do not know enough about this topic to contribute an answer.

@9GTRL4TWorking Family from Ohio answered…3mos

only if they are being investigated because of terrorist activities

@9GQPC2MRepublican from New Jersey answered…3mos

I don't think they should be looking at citizens, but people from abroad here on Visas, etc.

@9GPV5C9Libertarian from Arizona answered…3mos

@9QBTWPZDemocrat from Florida answered…2mos

Yes because it is useful for many different issues and doesn't really have a downside

@9PMK8YXVeteran from Nebraska answered…3mos

@9PCXPCFWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…3mos

@Gemini-JaneWomen’s Equality from Louisiana answered…3mos

@9NSJFGJWomen’s Equality from California answered…3mos

Yes, but only if they see a reasonable risk from the person.

@9NBQ7R5Women’s Equality from Minnesota answered…3mos

Yes, but only for high crime areas and potential terrorists.

@9N7BC8TWomen’s Equality from New York answered…3mos

only if the NSA has valid information that indicates the subject is in fact a suspected terrorist. It should be closely monitored so that innocent citizens' privacy & rights are not trampled upon.

@9N39JHMRepublican from New Jersey answered…3mos

No, only with a warrant showing probable cause of criminal activity, or consent.

@9MMZ2BVSocialist from California answered…3mos

No but they should be able to request that information from service providers with a warrant or probable cause.

@9MLX359Democrat from Connecticut answered…3mos

@9MCTKQGDemocrat from Kansas answered…3mos

@9LYBBN3Democrat from Michigan answered…3mos

@popemdWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…3mos

Yes, when given probable cause or a warrant for suspected criminal activity.

@Jason-KolLibertarian from Utah answered…3mos

Yes, as long as these tactics are effective in stopping suspect terrorists

@9L4ZM63Women’s Equality from South Carolina answered…3mos

No, because now this seems as if it's an invasion of privacy. Only do this if it's necessary, only to track criminals.

@9KP3GFSGreen from Tennessee answered…3mos

@9K3WN98Women’s Equality from New Jersey answered…3mos

@9JVX4LYConstitution from North Carolina answered…3mos

it depends, if there are credible threats to the safety of the public but don't take data from everyone wholesale

@9HRTGQ4Republican from Nevada answered…3mos

This should be case by case. If it’s something simple, no. If it’s for national security, it can in no way lead to an arrest for something not pertaining to the initial arrest warrant.

@9HN3PRTVeteran from Kansas answered…3mos

The NSA only does this for those suspected of terrorism and not every day citizens

@9HLTVWBWorking Familyfrom Guam  answered…3mos

No, only with a warrant showing probable cause of criminal or treasonous activity

@9HGRRGZTranshumanist from Virginia answered…3mos

No, only with a warrant or by the policy of the cell provider.

@9HDBZD9Republican from Connecticut answered…3mos

@9HC739ZPeace and Freedom from Nevada answered…3mos

Yes but only if the person of interest is being investigated

@9GZF7XWConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

Only if there is legitimate evidence that would give reason to collect basic metadata.

@9GLWBKMIndependent from Kansas answered…3mos

Yes, but not the conversation unless a landline at a prison, courthouse, capital, etc.

@9G4NJKBSocialist from New York answered…3mos

No, this is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, not to mention the potential racism and sexism that could result from this.

@madysen21Peace and Freedom from Utah answered…1mo

I don't think it's a big deal, but I think it is a waste of money considering how ineffective its been in the past

@9QSWWWCPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2mos

no, theres should be no private property, and public matters should not mix with individual matters.

@9QGPDXBGreen from Washington answered…2mos

They need to be regulated regarding "rubber stamp" warrants and have transparency and notice that is required in normal criminal cases.


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