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 @ThriftyL3gis1ativeForwardfrom Texas commented…2wks2W

That sub ain't hiding. The systems on ours likely include modern detection methods that no one else can defeat.

 @GatoradeGregForward from Arkansas commented…2wks2W

 @VenisonJuliaLibertarian from North Carolina commented…2wks2W

So what you’re saying is…. We know it’s there and could sink it…. Instantly…..

The same kaliber missles that haven’t allowed Russian forces to defeat a much weaker and smaller country? Somehow that’s an issue?

 @AmiableKnowledgeNo Labelsfrom Missouri commented…2wks2W

Russia has 4 Active Yasen class, 5 others in construction. Kazan is not equiped with Zircon/Tsirkon Missiles. Severodvinsk is. Severodvinsk is at Home Port... Even when "escalates", Russia is escalate with caution!


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