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 @ReformOatmealDemocratfrom Illinois commented…2wks2W

NBC asked today about Netanyahu publicly opposing Biden’s ceasefire deal and a backup plan

Blinken: Israel accepted

Mitchell pushes back

Blinken: No, that’s the official position of the 🇮🇱 govt & prime minister

So, the backup plan is deny reality and blame Hamas

 @PunditZachGreen from Colorado commented…2wks2W

If the U.S. position is that Israel has no choice but to accept the ceasefire deal because the U.S. calls the shots, that’s the only thing that makes sense here. This is getting so bizarre.

 @VibrantTwoPartyWomen’s Equalityfrom Pennsylvania commented…2wks2W

 @SovereignPupSocialistfrom Texas commented…2wks2W

Blinken needs to be charged for war crimes him and his American government needs to all charged for being directly responsible.

They are gaslighting so hard Israel has openly declined this ceasefire.

Hamas has once again accepted it and they’re the ones who brought this proposal multiple times in the first place.

 @WondrousCoyoteRepublican from Illinois commented…2wks2W

Don’t negotiate with terrorists

 @IntrepidBl4ckBallotGreen from Pennsylvania disagreed…2wks2W

Seems like the middle ages are back. Lots of bloodthirsty genocide supporters...

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington disagreed…2wks2W

Let's deal with the genocide at our southern border, where the drug cartels are destroying our country and criminal aliens are on the rampage

 @AmusedCaribouSocialistfrom New Jersey commented…2wks2W

In Summary:

Israel: Our siege will end when Hamas accepts permanent ceasefire & releases all hostages

USA: We agree & support a binding UN resolution

UNSC: We agree & pass a binding UN resolution

Hamas: We agree & are ready to comply

Israel: This is unacceptable. We refuse!

 @MajesticPollsterRepublican from Idaho disagreed…2wks2W

Anything that includes Hamas staying in power, does nothing for Gazans as it will never lead to 2 state solution

 @Diplom4cyChileDemocrat from New York commented…2wks2W

Israel asked for mediation? Lol. Israel came this far it's unlikely they're going to leave while Hamas are still active in Rafah.

 @DebonairReformPatriot from Ohio commented…2wks2W

Oh for heaven’s sake, it has always been Hamas that breaks these ceasefires. Every time.

So when that happens, will it be the fault of the US?

Go on people, believe whatever.

 @PlayfulC4pitalistGreenfrom Maine commented…2wks2W


Should the international community get involved in enforcing the peace agreement, and how does that make you feel about global responsibility?


Is it ethical to swap prisoners in the context of peace negotiations, and why do you feel that way?


What do you think about the role of international organizations like the U.N. in resolving conflicts between countries or groups?


Can a lasting peace be achieved when both sides have committed to such hardline positions prior to negotiations?


How do you feel about the idea of negotiating peace with a group that has previously been involved in conflict?


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