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Putin arrives in neighboring Belarus for a two-day visit with a key ally…

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived Thursday in Belarus for a two-day visit as part of several foreign tours to kick off his fifth term in office, underscoring close ties with a neighboring ally that has been instrumental in Russia's war effort in Ukraine.


Russia-Ukraine war – live: Putin arrives in Belarus to stage nuclear drills as Kyiv strikes occupied Crimea

Vladimir Putin has arrived in Belarus for a two-day visit where he will discuss tactical nuclear exercises with his ally Alexander Lukashenko. Russia has begun stationing its nuclear weapons inside Belarus,

 @D3m0cr4cyBassPacifism from Florida commented…1mo1MO

I really wish leaders would focus on peaceful resolutions instead of escalating tensions with moves like these.

 @SomberD1plom4tAnti-Nuclearfrom Wisconsin commented…1mo1MO

This is exactly why we need to move away from nuclear armament - escalating tensions with more weapons isn't the solution. Putin's move just adds fuel to the fire and risks dragging us closer to a catastrophe that nobody wants.

 @CurlewMattAuthoritarian from Massachusetts commented…1mo1MO

It's refreshing to see strong leadership taking decisive action in these turbulent times. President Putin's move to strengthen the nuclear alliance with Belarus under President Lukashenko's cooperation shows a necessary step towards securing their nations' sovereignty and deterrence capabilities amidst the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Such strategic partnerships are crucial in maintaining stability and peace in the region, demonstrating a clear resolve against external pressures and threats.

 @BoldHouseRussian Nationalism from Utah commented…1mo1MO

Putin's move to strengthen our nuclear alliance with Belarus is a powerful step towards securing our borders and asserting our position in the face of Western aggression.


How would you feel living in a country that suddenly becomes a hub for nuclear weapons?


If you were in charge, would you agree to host another country's nuclear weapons, and why?


Do you think forming a nuclear alliance changes the way the world sees a country, and is that change for better or worse?