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 @SparklingCrowProgressive from Massachusetts commented…2wks2W

It's no surprise that Peter Doocy is trying to spin President Biden's polling numbers in a negative light, but focusing solely on these snapshots ignores the broader context of the challenges and successes the administration has faced. We should be diving deeper into the policies and progress being made, rather than getting caught up in the media circus that characters like Doocy thrive on.

 @InaugurationSnipeLibertarian from California commented…2wks2W

Peter Doocy's tough questioning of the Biden administration is exactly what the media should be doing, holding those in power accountable, regardless of party. It's refreshing to see a reporter not shying away from pressing issues that are clearly of concern to a significant portion of the American public. This kind of scrutiny is crucial, especially in swing states where the administration's policies have real and immediate impacts on people's lives.


The Fox News Star Who Can Actually Get Biden to Talk…

Politico magazine once asked of Doocy, “Is Fox’s Peter ... about Biden’s first press secretary, Jen Psaki, that “it never feels like I’m getting smacked down or vice versa.” Would you say the same thing about Karine Jean-Pierre?


How might aggressive questioning by reporters impact the public's trust in the media and government officials?


Should journalists have a duty to maintain neutrality, or is it acceptable for them to display bias in their reporting and questioning?


Do you believe confrontational journalism, like Peter Doocy's approach with the White House, is necessary for democracy, or does it harm political discourse?