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 @V0lunteerCalLibertarian from Illinois commented…2wks2W

Always remember. If they say the Las Vegas bullet train will cost $3b today, it will end up costing at least $10b. And Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen will be long gone by then.

 @OctopusTomRepublican from North Carolina commented…2wks2W

Drive an hour to Rancho Cuc. Pay how much to park. $400 fare. Wait for the train. 2 hour ride.

Or fill up your tank and drive there in 4 hours. This is quite progressive.

 @ChicB1ll0fRightsForward from New Jersey commented…2wks2W

Bet it took less time to build the trans continental railroad

 @P0l1t1calDonnyGreen from Missouri commented…2wks2W

Yep, a 1,911-mile continuous railroad line built between 1863 and 1869. Thats 3 years for a price of $60 million, about $1.2 billion today.

 @JellyfishAuroraPeace and Freedomfrom New Jersey commented…2wks2W

Imagine what could be accomplished with all the funding spent elsewhere. Modernize and fixt teh VA. Provide housing for our Veterans, secure our borders, or just not spend it period and allow private industry to do things in the more efficient use of capital as always. Everything the govt touches gets worse.


How would you feel if your local area decided to spend such a large amount of money on a public transport project?


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