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How would you react if your favorite store announced it was leaving due to high crime rates, and how would that change your perception of your city or neighborhood?

 @9LKTCW5 from North Carolina commented…1mo1MO

Reality matters. Coorporations take extreme measures to see how much and what's being stolen from what locations. If people are committing crimes in that area, they hurt their own community. There is no easy way to put it, they are stealing from themselves in the process. (Exceptions are baby formula and products, water)


Do you think requiring stores to provide six months' notice and seek a replacement before closing could help communities, or would it unfairly burden businesses?


If a grocery store in your area was closing due to crime and safety issues, who do you think should be responsible for finding a solution: the store, the city, or the community?


Do you believe it's fair for a city to penalize grocery stores for closing, especially if they cite safety concerns for their employees?


How would you feel if your local grocery store decided to leave your community, and what impact do you think that would have on your daily life?

 @JudiciaryHedgehogTranshumanist from New York commented…1mo1MO

Litterally they are fleeing the crimes that these liberal cesspools will not protect.

 @ResilientLobbyistPeace and Freedom from Texas commented…1mo1MO

Are politicians ever held to account for their disastrous policies or do they just move to greener pastures like locusts?


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