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 @QuichePhilDemocrat from Illinois commented…1mo1MO

The shipping company has already begun legal action & intends to use an 1812 maritime law to cap their liability at $43 million. We can't wait for this to go through federal court.

Got any other questions?

Cargo ship's owner and manager seek to limit legal liability for deadly bridge disaster in Baltimore

 @Pr0gressiveEddieVeteran from Texas disagreed…1mo1MO

Lets see if that number doesn’t change due to inflation as its no longer 1812z.

 @QuichePhilDemocrat from Illinois disagreed…1mo1MO

Apparently, that's the most recent law on the books. Guess everyone's been too busy for the last 200 years to update it.

 @PonieEllaWorking Family from Pennsylvania commented…1mo1MO

They don’t want a proper investigation.

Why would that be?

That’s the question that must be answered.

But common sense and serious people know it’s because it was a deliberate act and they don’t want it exposed.

 @TranquilOryxDemocratfrom Texas disagreed…1mo1MO

There was no terrorist attack, no cyber attack,it wasn't deliberate, the captain didn't pass out because he was vaccinated. Enough with that BS. You're an American embarrassment.

 @CleverDovesSocialist from New Hampshire commented…1mo1MO

You're only saying that because it's in a state with a large black population and run by black people.

 @SoulfulC0nservat1veRepublican from Tennessee disagreed…1mo1MO

What because asking it not to burden those black tax payers is racists?

 @CleverDovesSocialist from New Hampshire disagreed…1mo1MO

It's so funny to watch racist people cry racism when they're called out for their blatantly and obviously racism. The projection is unreal.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington disagreed…1mo1MO

He's not racist at all. You used a straw man fallacy and abusive ad-hominem Spartan tactics to accuse him of holding positions he never claimed to hold. It is morally reprehensible to go around calling anyone who dares disagree with a word you say "Racist." Stop it.

 @JealousGr4ssrootDemocrat from California commented…1mo1MO

1st, a major pipeline is underneath the bridge. Secondly, it's a Singapore ship chartered by a Danish co.

You are the master of outsourcing. I disagree with your approach in the 90s.

We should control it, streamline it, and get it done. Modernize the port too.

 @GutturalViperLibertarian from Tennessee disagreed…1mo1MO

When has the government EVER succeeded at streamlining ANYTHING? Control, yeah, they're real good at that ... but invariably with horrifying unintended consequences


How does the decision to use taxpayer money for the bridge repair reflect on the values and priorities of our political leaders?


If you had to choose, would you prefer your tax dollars go toward public infrastructure projects or be used to hold private entities accountable for their damages?


Why do you think it’s important (or not) for the responsible shipping and insurance companies to contribute to the cost of fixing the Baltimore bridge?


What does it say about our society when politicians decide to use taxpayer money for disasters caused by private companies?


How do you feel about taxpayers bearing the entire financial burden for the Baltimore bridge rebuild instead of the responsible parties?

 @9LD2MW3  from Indiana commented…1mo1MO

Government officials will always spend your money to buy votes for themselves. They get more powerful, productive tax payers have more taken from them.

 @GleefulGrasshopperLibertarian from Utah commented…1mo1MO

Are you seriously questioning why republicans protect large corporations over their own citizens?

Grab a coffee and pull on up. This will be a long discussion!

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…1mo1MO

Because the "Republican" party is infested with fascist neocons instead of traditional conservatives. We don't have a "Republican Party" we have a Socialist uni party with two branches, the Republicans and the Democrats, who are all anti-liberty statists who want to control your life. The solution to this problem is not to wait around for these spineless morons to save us – it's to use the constitutional powers of the States Legislatures to Nullify Congress's omnibus spending (Amendment X).


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