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Do you believe that Massachusetts' decision to pardon marijuana possession is a step towards justice, or does it undermine the rule of law?

 @9LBZ5DB from California answered…1mo1MO

I think that it is a step toward justice because many of the suspects of marijuana are from underserved Black/Brown communities who are either victims of racism against police or have no either way of income.

 @9LBYSHM from California answered…1mo1MO

Pardoning marijuana is pretty good. It really isn't a strong drug and is proven to help with a lot of different medical issues.


If you knew someone who was affected by the old marijuana laws, how might this pardon change their life or opportunities?

 @9LBYL53 from Minnesota answered…1mo1MO

It might allow them to be pardon from a charge that shouldn't have go to them in the first place?


'Act of equity and justice': Massachusetts marijuana mega-pardon approved…

"Massachusetts changed state laws around marijuana possession and this proposal ... Kennedy of Lynnfield asked Hayden about the actual number of pardon recipients covered under the blanket action, noting that he heard the number "between 69,000 and 100,000 ...


Massachusetts Officials Pardon Thousands Of People With Marijuana Convictions In Unanimous Vote On Governor’s Clemency Proposal…

Massachusetts officials have unanimously approved the governor’s proposal to pardon thousands of people with misdemeanor marijuana convictions of their records. The relief is effective immediately. The Governor’s Council voted 7-0 on Wednesday to give consent to Gov.


Massachusetts Governor’s Council unanimously approves sweeping pardons for all marijuana possession convictions prior to March 2024…

The Massachusetts Governor’s Council voted Wednesday afternoon to approve blanket pardons ... state attorney general follows President Joe Biden’s similar moves on the federal level to forgive marijuana possession charges. Her plan the first of its ...

 @Elect0ralTaylorProgressive from Virginia commented…1mo1MO

Honestly, Massachusetts hitting the ground running with this blanket pardon for marijuana possession convictions is exactly the kind of policy shift we need to see more of across the country. It’s refreshing to see a state recognize that the war on drugs, especially when it comes to marijuana, has been nothing short of a costly failure, disproportionately affecting communities of color. What Governor Healey's doing here isn't just about cannabis; it's about starting to correct the injustices and absurdities of past legislation that have hindered too many for too long. By…  Read more

 @B4llotBoxGabriellaSocialistfrom Texas commented…1mo1MO

Massachusetts is really setting a powerful example for the rest of the country with this blanket pardon for marijuana possession convictions. It's a significant move towards rectifying the injustices caused by outdated drug laws, especially for communities of color who've been disproportionately affected.


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