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Do you think pharmaceutical companies should prioritize public health over profits, and why?


How would you feel if a life-changing medication was unaffordable to you because of its high cost?

 @FilibusterLemurPatriot from Illinois commented…2mos2MO

Ozempic has gone from strange new treatment to human right in record time

 @LovingDunbirdRepublican from Alabama agreed…2mos2MO

After all this time, you'd think Bern would understand why foreign countries pay far less for this stuff. It has to be willful at this point.

 @FilibusterLemurPatriot from Illinois agreed…2mos2MO

Naa, he understands. It's that he gets paid to pretend he doesn't understand.

Those multi-million dollar mansions don't pop up from dragons teeth.

 @ApricotsMadelynVeteran from Hawaii commented…2mos2MO

Well, except it costs hundreds of millions to get FDA approval...

 @F4irTradeJonnyGreen from Georgia disagreed…2mos2MO

Have they not made a cool profit of 15Billion$ last year itself,does that cover a few million$(as per your information itself)not covered in that Billion$ profit already.Can a senator of Bernies Sanders’ status be wrong in His calculations-is it wrong to demand selling cost cut?

 @ApricotsMadelynVeteran from Hawaii disagreed…2mos2MO

Many drugs that are tested never make it to market and the costs involved are $Billions in losses. Check out the % of successful drugs and it will make more sense. Of course costs could be much lower to the public.

 @ImpeachmentParrotRepublican from Florida commented…2mos2MO

This is incredibly stupid. Estimates run into billions spent on research and development.

And why did they have billions to spend? Because prior drugs were profitable enough. So it’s good if they make a huge profit here, more to spend on future drugs and more investors.

 @CentristJoePatriotfrom Texas agreed…2mos2MO

I believe the R&D cost ozempic was 10 billion. So cool. 1 years worth of profits to develop 1 drug. Meanwhile there are thousands of pharmaceuticals.


Imagine discovering a medication that could significantly improve your life is much cheaper in another country; how would that make you feel?


Should the government intervene in drug pricing, and why or why not?

 @9L97WMB from Connecticut commented…2mos2MO

Drugs have become the answer far too often. It is much wiser and beneficial to offer those struggling with weight issues, as well as many other issues to find the underlying cause.

 @L1b3rtyBasmatiGreen from Georgia commented…2mos2MO

Has there ever been a weight-loss drug that *hasn't* turned into a medical nightmare and crapload of lawsuits?

 @FierceF4irTradeSocialist from Missouri commented…2mos2MO

And there are millions of diabetics that use them. I’m pretty sure they can make profit without a %1000 markup.

 @FishTimLibertarian from Virginia commented…2mos2MO

All drugs become generic drugs so a company must make a large profit within the small window to recuperate the losses and make an actual profit. After the window passes anyone can make that drug driving the price down.

 @ExcitedCockatooVeteranfrom Wisconsin commented…2mos2MO

Imagine this level of kinden garden thinking.

You want a free lunch, but you will never get it. Corps will just stop investing in new drugs, 101 logic.

And who knows, maybe one corp will use their profit to find a way to multiply that one brain cell you are function with.


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