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I feel as if its a good point but robots can only be programmed, humans can be reprogrammed to be trained assassins/killers and legally for their country.

 @9KWPDJM from Illinois commented…2mos2MO

 @9KWTJCGJustice party member from Pennsylvania commented…2mos2MO

Robots have no morality, and that takes away from military training. It is unhealthy and provokes the usage of robots in our every day lives.

 @9KWTJ94Republican from Pennsylvania commented…2mos2MO

I think that at some point, us humans will lose all will to fight and be scared of the concept of war, but I am fine with the usage and help of robots in terms of drones, planes, tanks, etc.

 @9KWQY4KPeace and Freedom from New York commented…2mos2MO

 @9KWQPQJ from Virginia commented…2mos2MO

If a robot is doing killing and they are taking human lives it seems unethical

 @9KWXKB3 from California answered…2mos2MO

I believe that if a robot has the ability to feel, possessing its own conscience, it should be considered as life and more than just a tool of war.

 @9KWX5GFIndependent from Wisconsin answered…2mos2MO

It provokes the idea that the people of Ukraine are more important than a piece of technology.

 @9KWVJD8Republican from Pennsylvania commented…2mos2MO

It is almost dehumanizing the effects and costs of wars. The loss of human life.

 @9KWTRCQRepublican from New Hampshire commented…2mos2MO

People are going to end up empathizing for the robots and it will tear the world apart more than it currently is.


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