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 @9KWSJD7 from Pennsylvania commented…2mos2MO

More ethical. The less human lives lost fighting a rich man’s war, the better.


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 @9KWQQBM from Connecticut commented…2mos2MO

Fights/Wars would be robot on robot, there would be no actual fight. If people did fight, they would be crushed as one bullet can kill a human but who knows how many to kill a robot.

 @9KWQM7J from Indiana commented…2mos2MO

I would say adding ground robots would make war less ethical due to the amount of government spending and thousands are getting murdered from a robot.

 @9KWPNR7 from Utah commented…2mos2MO

In order to win an agreement a point there has to be something each side has to give in, using robots as replacement of soldiers it will indeed save millions of live however is ethical meaning will be lost.

 @9KWN2FX from North Carolina commented…2mos2MO

 @9KWVHH6 from California commented…2mos2MO

I believe that it makes it less ethical, considering these robots aren't real people and aren't fighting for anything in particular.

 @9KWTDJV from New Hampshire commented…2mos2MO

 @9KWT573 from Georgia commented…2mos2MO

 @9KWSNWF from California commented…2mos2MO


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