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 @9LJ8LVYSocialist from California answered…1mo1MO

It is true, large corporations and unethical business practices are the reason for majority of the pollution.

 @9LMVWCQIndependent from Indiana agreed…1mo1MO

Although we as the consumer have responsibility to be responsible on what we consumer and how we dispose of the product and are the reason the products are being consumed we are shouldn’t hold all the blame. As of 2022 Coca Cola produced 5.56 million metric tons into the environment. The typical person produces 20 tonnes in ones life time. 20 tonnes is a lot and we should shop and be sustainable but how how am I or all of us the sole contributors to climate change. This why I am a firm believer that companies should be held responsible. Like why should I have to use a paper straw while Coca Cola just dumps millions of co2 a year completely crazy and that’s just whats reported. .

 @9LMY26T from Kansas disagreed…1mo1MO

your goals, dreams, aspirations, are only as big as the amount of effort you are willing to put in to make it happen.

 @9LMVGXXDemocrat from Illinois disagreed…1mo1MO

No change no matter to small is useless everything starts form the bottom and if you want to make a change you got to make it happen

 @9LMTF75 from Louisiana disagreed…1mo1MO

If everyone is thinks that they won't make a difference then there wont be one because everyone thinks they wont make a difference that's the issue.

 @9LH3WXP from Michigan answered…1mo1MO

Cool just don't allow littering I hate finding trash in my corn fields

 @9LLLTQ4 from Michigan disagreed…1mo1MO

Any action will still help. If you say that you aren’t enough, than everyone will think that and no one will help the environment.

 @9LHYJZD from Pennsylvania disagreed…1mo1MO

This answer disregards the fallacious idea of small actions making no impact. The tone of both the person in question and answer is ignorant.

 @9LHYJBP from Indiana disagreed…1mo1MO

I disagree because they just just care about what they dont want to see insteand of atually caring but the person and what they think and if someone doesent beliveve in there self then you should at lest act like you care about there opinnin,.

 @9LHWV4SPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania disagreed…1mo1MO

If a bunch of people make a little change it can be big. It IS the corporations though so put the stress on them

 @9LLJSLQ from Texas answered…1mo1MO

I would tell them that overtime a little bit of change could lead to a lot of change and that their actions can influence others to make a difference as well.

 @9LRCZR9 from Texas agreed…4wks4W

A little change is better than no change. If we collectively agree with eachother that pollution is a big issue, then we should start taking action ourselves to help prevent it.

 @9LRBTBV from California agreed…4wks4W

Everyone makes a difference, no matter how small, and their actions can inspire others to make a difference too, which can accumulate to something that is very influential

 @9LNLN56 from North Carolina disagreed…4wks4W

Everything anyone does can make a difference. Think about how every water bottle you use every paper you write one. Every thing we do as humans makes a difference in the enviroment

 @9LNLC5L from Michigan disagreed…4wks4W

First off - it is over_time, not overtime. Secondly, it is far too much effort to make such a little difference on the environment.

 @9KZNWGGLibertarian from Georgia answered…2mos2MO

They are right, countries like china and India produce so much pollution.

 @9L22WF6 from Pennsylvania disagreed…2mos2MO

While it is true that the biggest contributors to climate change are large corporations with few restrictions from governmental bodies around the world, every small change adds up. Furthermore, we vote with our dollars. Therefore, if you and the people around you all stop, for example, purchasing single use plastic products, the overall level of single use plastic usage will decrease.

 @9L2RNYW from Kansas disagreed…2mos2MO

Any decision to aid in reducing the effects of climate change helps everyone. The problem will never be fully solved, but that shouldn't stop people from being good humans.

 @9L24XZK from Ohio disagreed…2mos2MO

Every single contribution counts. Even if your action only set the threshhold a second back, it's still a second of bought time.

 @9L2472CIndependent from Kentucky disagreed…2mos2MO

One small action can encourage others to do the same thing and start a chain reaction. While your one action in it of itself is not going to save the planet, doing so encourages others to take action.

 @9KTLKJY from Kansas answered…2mos2MO

They are correct, China and India are the bad guys.

 @RobinHoudeDemocrat from Georgia disagreed…2mos2MO

Climate change is caused by our collective actions and due to the Earth's population each individual's contribution is inherently tiny compared to the whole. Collective action is required to address climate change, but collective action is made up of individual actions. The more individuals who refuse to act, the smaller the collective action will be. The logic behind the idea that "since your individual actions are too small to matter you shouldn't even try" is the same as reasoning that "your individual vote doesn't decide the outcome of an election, there…  Read more

 @9KTQDQDProgressive from Florida disagreed…2mos2MO

If even a few more hundred thousand people thought like this, the numbers would eventually add up. This would result in peril for our environment.

 @9KTQB5D from Florida disagreed…2mos2MO

We all attribute to the environment, even if our actions our small, if we have enough small actions they will come together and be big.

 @9KTPQD7 from Colorado disagreed…2mos2MO

Everyone can make a difference by choosing to get involved in their local community and being mindful of where you’re spending money and time

 @9LMC5JC from Tennessee answered…1mo1MO

Anything helps. You have to care about your community and there is plenty to be done around you to make a difference.

 @9LNNMPR from California disagreed…4wks4W

Everyone should do their part in fighting climate change, but more than anyone Individually, corporations need to be held responsible and made to change their ways.

 @9LMV79R from Pennsylvania agreed…1mo1MO

Change has to start somewhere, with such a vast group of people it has to start slowly and everyone pitches in at different levels

 @9LMTWP6Republican from Louisiana agreed…1mo1MO

Helping your community doesn't have to be a big thing but something as small as picking up trash could make a difference.

 @9LMTCVP from New York agreed…1mo1MO

If everyone has this mindset then things could change. Things need to be done on the producers end though. its not just the consumers

 @9LNPD58  from California answered…4wks4W

Everyone can make a difference even with little effort. Together we can change the world, alone we can make a ripple. It all comes down to if you really want to see improvements or change!

 @9LS6NVB from Louisiana disagreed…4wks4W

Everyone can make a difference even with little effort. Together we can change the world, alone we can make a ripple. It all comes down to if you really want to see improvements or change!

 @9LNPPX5Progressive from Missouri commented…4wks4W

 @9LNBQ2HRepublican  from California answered…4wks4W

They are correct to a certain extent, 70% of all carbon emissions come from only 10 companies, which says a lot.

 @9LQ93PY from Colorado disagreed…4wks4W

While companies do play a part in the carbon emissions crisis people driving their cars to work, to lunch, and back home every day, it adds up

 @9LNBV89 from Guam commented…4wks4W

But with your change, it will eventually have a big enough effect to change big companies. Keep changing!

 @9KYT2DL from New York answered…2mos2MO

If everyone thought that way, nothing would be done. Your actions matter no matter how small you think they are.

 @9KZYWXT from Illinois disagreed…2mos2MO

Humans are a blip on the timeline of the Earth, nothing we do or do not do will make a major effect on the ultimate outcome of the environment.

 @9KZYMXY from Missouri disagreed…2mos2MO

Every thing counts no matter how small.
Everything starts of small and grows. we have to start somewhere

 @9KZ3J47 from Missouri agreed…2mos2MO

It is difficult to equate the habits of the everyday person to those of billionaires and corporations.

 @9KZ55LSDemocrat from California answered…2mos2MO

I think that we should make a collective effort to save the envrionment

 @9KZWGXY from North Carolina agreed…2mos2MO

If people work together to do something it can add up over time, and if the vote wouldn't matter then wheres the harm in doing it.

 @9KZVHGRWomen’s Equality from Illinois agreed…2mos2MO

I think we should all try to help our world in any way we can even in the slightest way and any action, even the smallest one can still affect the Earth in a negative or positive way.

 @9L3CNBK from Tennessee agreed…2mos2MO

i think the biggest threat to the enviroment would be the move toward eletric cars. the batteries in them are way worse than car emissiona, and the emit twice as much when they are produced. instead, we need to focus on using nucular power.

 @9LMTXWV from Kansas answered…1mo1MO

sometimes i think the same thing but that is the problem why we have so many issues

 @9LTHZGZConstitution from Texas agreed…3wks3W

The thing about people, we only think that our actions as one person mean nothing in the grand scheme of things but the fact that others have the same or similar viewpoint means that small choice has a big impact with more than one person doing it.

 @9LTHL7R from Utah agreed…3wks3W

The only way we can effect the environment in a positive way is to work together to make the difference.

 @9LR2Y2Z from Pennsylvania agreed…4wks4W

People aren’t thinking outside the box and instead it’s like everyone is in a loop doing the same thing with no changes.

 @9LM5K55Progressive from Utah answered…1mo1MO

I think that we humans are a part of nature, and that the world will evolve alongside what we do. We should try our best to not maliciously destroy the world. But we shouldn't worry too much about change.

 @9L28464 from California answered…2mos2MO

It takes millions of small actions to create a change, it has to start somewhere


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