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 @9KSGBR8 from Washington answered…3mos3MO

so we can see all sides before making a move that could harm those around us once more, and letting history repeat itself.

 @9KW9HZX from Florida agreed…2mos2MO

The world does not work in black and white perspectives. There are shades of gray and nuance that should be addressed.

 @9KTBHMB  from Illinois answered…2mos2MO


It might be important because it helps us not just jump into a conclusion where this is what we believe and not what happened, to understand different viewpoint of things helps us have our own opinion.

 @9KSGHYX from Washington answered…3mos3MO

You can look back at the decisions of politicians in the past and learn from their mistakes

 @9KSGPBB from Missouri answered…3mos3MO

Yes. Humanism is the very foundation that our society should be structured on as opposed to a societal system based in Judeo-Christian beliefs.

 @9KSGQK6 from Washington answered…3mos3MO

To be able to reach and compensate for the different ethnic backgrounds of the citizens of the United States

 @9KSGKZT from New Mexico answered…3mos3MO


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