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 @9KJYKN7  from Idaho answered…2mos2MO

Nationalize the Medical Industry.

Although this is not a direct response to the prompt, it is a solution which would work. Capitalism is unstable, and unpredictable.

In the event of any sort of disaster or tragedy, a privatized industry is not prepared. They are not under any sort of guidelines to be prepared to any sort of disaster. Also, the government could regulate what happens, and how the hospital is run. This would easily prevent issues like this from happening. Although in Haiti, the people and the government are largely in poverty. So, it may be difficult to implement something like this. But that is a topic of discussion for another time: 'Should we spend resources on other countries even if it doesn't benefit us?'

 @9KNVT2GRepublican from Oklahoma commented…2mos2MO

In a situation where patients would have to forgo treatment or receive subpar medical care, it would be a tragedy.

 @9KNVSY3Women’s Equality from Massachusetts commented…2mos2MO

I think Haiti should increase their fund to hospitals for research, that way citizens can get the care they need

 @9KNVL9R from California commented…2mos2MO

I think it's horrible that a person can't get medical treatment when they really need it just because they can't afford to pay the hospital's high costs.

 @9KNV7F8 from Indiana commented…2mos2MO

 @9KNYBPDDemocrat from California commented…2mos2MO

 @9KNVZ72 from New York commented…2mos2MO

I feel that if a hospital lacks treatment of one without certain resources, it is shameful behavior.


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