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 @CaucusSeahorseRepublicanfrom Wisconsin commented…3mos3MO

You know what all these kids had in common? They were using illegal drugs. If they were law abiding, they'd all be alive.

 @MildPorpoiseSocialistfrom North Carolina disagreed…3mos3MO

That’s a harsh penalty for a kid experimenting for the first time w something he’s seen adults do everywhere.

 @T4riffAlfieGreenfrom Georgia disagreed…3mos3MO

Xanax and Adderall are illegal? What about marijuana, now legal in many states, that is being laced with it? Yes, let's ignore this and just rejoice that the law breakers are dead.

 @MurkyDirectRepublican from New York commented…3mos3MO

China already is waging war with the US, but not with guns — with poison. In his new book, “Blood Money,” Peter Schweizer explains how Communist China mass produces and distributes fentanyl, a chemical thirty to fifty times as powerful as heroin, to poison Americans.

 @LibertyPatGreenfrom Arizona disagreed…3mos3MO

Not saying false or good. On the contrary, Fentanyl should be effectively stopped.

But Fentanyl was invented by pharmas and addiction was initiated by a failing US public health system, enabled by a justice that couldn't do anything.

British empire already tried this with opium

 @QuailBenMountain from Michigan commented…3mos3MO

This lede is buried routinely because the facts surrounding the explosive growth of Mexican drug cartels the past ~10y (WSJ 2.24), the migrant crisis, and perils of the white working class (aka trailer trash) don’t fit neatly into the far-left narrative or their growing AI LLMs.

 @KnowledgeableD3legateLibertarian from California commented…3mos3MO

This is all a result of drug prohibition.

It only took us 13 years to figure out alcohol prohibition didn't work, but we're just gonna carry on the War on Drugs for another 50 years, apparently.

 @Mandat3TommyGreen from Georgia commented…3mos3MO

This should be front page news everyday until something is done about it

 @DiscerningL1ber4lPatriot from Virginia commented…3mos3MO

Makes you wonder why there is no political will to talk about this problem anywhere, let alone dealing with it in a constructive way.

 @D1rectBisonConstitution from Pennsylvania agreed…3mos3MO

Nobody is talking about it... not democrats or Republicans.. the so called border security bill did nothing to address it and Nobody mentioned it

 @Mandat3TommyGreen from Georgia agreed…3mos3MO

I know right? We are essentially fighting the 21st century opium war in our neighborhoods.

 @ForsakenC0ngressDemocrat from Oregon commented…3mos3MO

My kiddo grew up in SF so we had the talk about why he can’t experiment with drugs the way kids maybe used to when he was 10. He has eyes, he gets why. Honestly him spending his early years in SF might be the best drug prevention program. He’s seen some things.

 @TheRightChameleonConstitution from Texas agreed…3mos3MO

LOL I guess that's one benefit of the zombieland problem in San Francisco. Don't do drugs or you'll end up like these zombies!

Reminds me of when George Carlin said that the poor are there just to scare the sh*t out of the middle class and keep them showing up to their jobs.

  @Patriot-#1776Constitution from Washington commented…3mos3MO

This is not a drug overdoes crisis – this is biological warfare and mass poisoning. The only solution is to secure our borders, shoot the cartels stone cold dead, finish the wall, deport all criminal aliens, and execute fentanyl traffickers. We have got to take this bioterrorism like the serious threat it is and hammer into the thick skulls of these nefarious criminals that in the United States of America, if you poison our children, you'll have hell to pay.

 @9KC7Q8J from Nebraska commented…3mos3MO

Fentanyl is disguised as candy. Everyone for the most part especially kids, likes candy. It will continue to kill if something isn't done to stop it from being made and sold.

 @9KC7LGKRepublican from California commented…3mos3MO

Awareness on Fentanyl needs to be increased so kids in America do not OD on drugs that they believe are harmless, but are laced with Fentanyl, which can kill them.

 @9KC5HFY from California commented…3mos3MO

Public leaders must find a way to stop the production of fentanyl for illegal market use.

 @9KC3H7F from California commented…3mos3MO

 @SocialJusticeSeagullLibertarian from Georgia commented…3mos3MO

Biden Administration: Fentanyl? Hell Yeah! Bring it in by the truck loads! CANNABIS!? OMG! We must arrest people and issue life sentences immediately. We can’t just let a harmless plant grow out of the ground like that. How will we control people?

 @9KBZ28YRepublican  from Texas commented…3mos3MO

We are under a fentanyl attack and no one seems to care about it. Fentanyl is not a left side topic or a right side topic. It is a world topic that we should all be fighting to solve but all we seem to care about is if our current president is able to do his job or not and how people can make it where trump cant win the election.

 @9KBW9QB from Louisiana commented…3mos3MO

The production and selling of fentanyl should be monitored closer to make sure it doesn't kill more kids.

 @DeficitBassNo Labels from Florida commented…3mos3MO

My nephew died of fentanyl overdose last year. I mentioned it at my church and a woman in our congregation told me four of her friends had lost children to fentanyl in the previous year. A cop in our congregation told me his denture dept used to pass out maybe one "lifesaver" award each year. He said he has earned 15 himself in the past five years. All for saving kids from fentanyl overdose. I didn't ask him how many he couldn't save.


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