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 @9H84VDL from Nebraska answered…6mos6MO

I think so. It is hard for people to make decisions on their own, especially if they are not informed in those topics. Having knowledgeable representatives keeps our democracy from failing.

 @9H7TWM7 from Utah answered…6mos6MO

No, it always allows for one person to do whats best for them which is usually not best for everyone else.

 @9H6SBN5  from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

Often, a majority is benefited by the people in power, but the majority is oppressed much harder.

 @9H8NX77Republican from Wisconsin answered…6mos6MO

 @9H5R9X6 from South Carolina answered…6mos6MO

No, sovereignty belongs to the people. Any authority should be accountable to the people.

 @9H7C49PRepublican from Texas answered…6mos6MO

No power breeds the greed for more power. If we spread the power to as many hands as possible and decentralize it, it will be less likely to be abused.

 @9H8L7K6 from Florida answered…6mos6MO

There is a majority in every group but authoritarianism may still favor the majority because of how strict it is.

 @9H66KVQ from Indiana answered…6mos6MO

Never. Power should always be in the hands of the people, not a select few.

 @9H6NY8F from Indiana answered…6mos6MO

No because it leads to corruption and a certain group would speak for the whole, not allowing the entire population to prosper or their needs be considered

 @9H6M6KLDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…6mos6MO

Not in the long run it doesn't; we are no longer a civilization that needs to be told what to do to be able to survive; it with almost always lead to corruption and human rights being violated.

 @9H656DF from Oklahoma answered…6mos6MO

The power should be in the hands of the many, ie the voters. Unfortunately, it is now in the hands of the elected, who don't seem to represent anyone but themselves.

 @9H6LR7K from Texas answered…6mos6MO

 @9H7WH6GSocialist from Ohio answered…6mos6MO

Yes it does the opinion a few people make can make the rest of us see different.

 @9H665M7 from Utah answered…6mos6MO

No I do not think that Authoritarianism does not put power in the hands of the majority, because it is the practice of making decisions for others. Everyone has different opinions so one person making a choice for everyone would lead to less power and control.

 @Name-IrrelevantConstitution  from West Virginia answered…6mos6MO

No. Power corrupts. Every government in history has proven this. Even if you get one benevolent dictator, what safeguard is there against a malevolent dictator taking the throne in the future?

 @9H6JC46 from Illinois answered…6mos6MO

It is difficult to make decisions with everybody involved, so it is helpful to have delegates to speak. We are too large of a country to have a pure democracy. However, we need to find the appropriate balance where the most voices are heard while progress is still happening.

 @9H5RKNK from Colorado answered…6mos6MO

 @9H8XTHG from Nebraska answered…6mos6MO

I feel like too much freedom would cause many conflicts and issues for louder groups would get more say.

 @9H6BTH6from Maine answered…6mos6MO

Yes. A strong central power is more efficient and powerful in a literal sense. Ideally this power is used for good, and the people profit. The average person is retarded and cant think for **** .

 @9H63KQ5 from North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

No because either way it increases a danger of possible authoritarian change within the system.


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